Keep Your Bathroom Mirror Fog Free with These Handy Products


Hot showers on a cold morning can cause the mirror in your bathroom to get fogged up. Ventilating the bathroom will help prevent the condensation but at the same time, it can make your bathroom temperature cooler. The mirror fogging up can be an inconvenience if you want to shave or apply makeup after your shower. These 3 easy techniques can easily clear the fog when your bathroom gets too steamy.

  • Homemade Solution

Your mirror can be kept fog free with household products readily available in any home. Soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent or shaving cream can be wiped over the mirror. It prevents the build-up of fog while you’re in the shower. These cleaning products are also known as surfactants, which prevents condensation particles from fixing on the surface of the glass. Simply wipe a thin layer of the product over the surface and buff until the product has cleared. The only drawback of this method is that it may leave your mirror looking slightly cloudy, but only temporarily.

A solution of 1:1 vinegar and water can also be used to wipe the surface of the glass. Adding a few drops of soap to the solution can increase its defogging power.

  • Specialty Products

Specialty products are available that are specially designed to keep mirrors fog-free. Specialized solutions for defogging, designed for car windshields, can be used on your bathroom mirror. This can help it remain fog free for up to a month. Spraying it directly onto the surface of the mirror and patting down with a lint-free and clean cloth should do the trick.

Glycerine is another such speciality product which can be purchased from any pharmacy. It can be diluted with water and used. It’s a non-toxic option, making it perfect for homes with pets and kids.

  • Defogging Pad

This is the ultimate solution to your fog troubles and requires minimal effort. It’s powered by electricity and can be installed behind your mirror. It gently heats up the surface of the mirror preventing the condensation droplets from forming. It was previously considered to be a luxury available only in fine spas and hotels. But now you can install defogging pads in the comfort of your own home. They offer a more stable solution which defogs your mirrors without daily or even weekly wiping. A professional must be consulted for the installation as it can be trickier than it seems.

Your bathroom can be made fog-free with regular attention or by installing professional products.  These solutions are suitable for any budget, and so anyone can implement them.

The Benefits of Installing a Frameless Glass Shower Door

frameless shower doors

Frameless shower doors provide a luxurious appearance to your bathroom. When compared to traditional doors, frameless shower doors have proven to be more outstanding. They can be customized to fit a space of any size.

  • Adds elegance to your home

Every member of the family may have different needs and requirements. So, a bathroom must be designed with this in mind. Modern bathrooms are all about the flow, openness and the luxury it provides to its occupants. They are designed efficiently to bring all the elements such as granite, marble, decorative tiles, bath lighting and bath fixtures together. It allows you to completely incorporate shower doors into the whole bathroom decor.

  • A wide variety to choose from

Frameless glass doors add to the appearance and decor of the bathroom. They come in several styles such as circular, boxy, triangular and oval. You can pick something out to match your style, whether it’s one that swings or slides. Frameless shower doors are available in a wide range of designs such as coloured, clear, custom, textured or frosted designs. Each one is tailored differently to meet the needs of different clients.

  • They are long-lasting and durable

Frameless shower doors are made using materials of the finest quality. This ensures that they’re structurally sound and safe. They are sturdy and tough. The thickness can go up to 1/2 –inch which means that they don’t shatter easily and can give you service for a long time. Since there is no metal involved, even in the frames, there is no risk of rust or corrosion.

  • Easier to maintain

Showers with frameless glass doors are very easy to maintain and clean regularly. Since the doors don’t require tracks of any kind, there’s no channel for mould or mildew to grow. Cleaning can be accomplished with little to no effort at all. All that needs to be done is apply a little cleaning liquid and wipe it off. And also, since the dirty areas are readily visible, time isn’t wasted cleaning the entire door every time.

Upgrading to frameless shower doors can add beauty and value to your home. It’s best to hire a reliable installer to ease the stress and complete the process as soon and as easily as possible. It’s a great way to unite ageless accommodation with timeless style.

4 Ways to Incorporate Custom Glass to Enhance Your Home Decor

Custom-made glass is both versatile, beautiful and works as an excellent design element. Be it your home or your office, custom glass can enhance the overall décor of any space. It brightens the otherwise dull appearance of the rooms it habits by reflecting light and enhancing their visual appeal. It’s a preferred choice of homeowners who want to give a modern, luxurious and organized look to their décor.

If you want to redesign your home, then incorporating custom glass is the best way to turn your ordinary rooms into aesthetically sound spaces. Here are 4 ways to make the most of the custom glass to give an elegant look to your home’s interiors.

1) Entrance Doors

entrance door

Make a statement by installing glass entrance doors at your home or office. Entrance doors made of custom glass are versatile additions ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. They provide an uninterrupted view, allow natural light to enter and give a clean look to your home’s exteriors. They illuminate the space with a fresh feeling and rejuvenate the décor. Custom glass allows you to experiment with the design as you can choose stained glass with different colours and patterns.

2) Table Tops


Custom glass table tops are capable of adding a focal point to the room. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these table tops create an illusion of more space. Be it a coffee table in your living room or a dining table in your kitchen, custom glass table tops are the perfect solution to match all décor and styles. If your table has an interesting base, then these table tops beautifully highlight it to enhance the overall visual appeal. Since they’re customizable, you can choose the shape and size of the table top.

3) Shower Doors & Enclosures


No material is better than glass to complement a bathroom space. Custom glass shower doors and enclosures are the beautiful inclusions that make your bathroom space appear more spacious. This attractive update is easier to maintain compared to shower curtains and makes the bathroom appear brighter. The best thing about custom glass shower doors is the wide array of possibilities they offer. You can experiment with the style and design of the door as per your choice.

4) Countertops


Custom glass countertops make an excellent addition to your home. Apart from giving an elegant and sophisticated look to your kitchen, these countertops offer several benefits. For example, glass is a non-porous material so it won’t allow liquid to penetrate and form mold, it is easy to clean as a wipe with soapy water is enough and it can withstand high heat, unlike other countertop materials.

Nothing elevates your home’s visual appeal better than custom glass. Be it your living room, kitchen or bathroom, they are ideal for all spaces. It not only boosts your home’s interior design, but also highlights your style. Incorporate custom glass into your home today and see the difference.

5 Simple Upgrades to Transform Your Bathroom

Are you bored of your bathroom’s interiors? If so, then it’s time to refresh its look with some simple upgrades. You can transform your bathroom from dull to dashing without much elbow grease.

Today’s post discusses a few simple renovations to turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa-like space. Here are the 5 upgrades that can make the difference.

1) Update the Fixtures

Your bathroom’s look depends on it fixtures. The out-dated sink, leaky faucet and old shower enclosures don’t improve the style of your bathroom space. Update the fixtures by adding a pedestal sink, colourful glass corner shelves and chic faucets. These new additions will change the appearance of the interiors, with a refreshing look.

2) Install a Frameless Glass Shower Door

frameless glass shower door

Your old shower curtains not only look messy but also degrade the look of your bathroom. Replace your flimsy shower curtain with a modern and elegant frameless glass shower door. This sophisticated upgrade will give you a spa-like feel and transform your bathroom into a retreat. You can also change the floor and walls of your shower area by replacing them with new ones.

3) Add a Wow Factor

The best way to spruce up your bathroom is to add a wow factor. Include some new features such as painting a wall with a bright colour and bold patterns, mount a dramatic mirror and install a vintage towel bar. You can also customize the mirror to match it according to your style. These inclusions add glamour to the setup and create a focal point to attract the attention.

4) Incorporate a Fun Element

Add a lively feeling to your bathroom by experimenting with the décor. For example, install a cute curtain on your bathroom window, add a fun wallpaper and mount an elegant ceiling fixture such as a small chandelier to see your bathroom in a whole new light. You can also bring the warmth of wood to your bathroom in the form of accent pieces. It will give a natural and sophisticated touch to your space and give a contemporary look to your bathroom.

5)  Add Some Colours

Be it a bathroom or a living room, colours can bring life to any space. Paint your cabinet doors and vanity to give them a new look. If you can’t afford to change your floor tiles, then you can transform them by painting them in a new colour. Match the curtains with complementing colours and see the difference.

These simple upgrades have a strong impact on your bathroom’s appearance but not on your pocket. A few new elements will make your bathroom come alive. This weekend, incorporate these inspiration changes and give your bathroom a complete makeover.

Stylish Glass Shower Enclosures to Spruce up Your Bathroom

A shower is the focal point of a bathroom. It defines your style and adds character to your bathroom space. Generally, homeowners don’t pay attention to the design of their shower enclosure. But, it holds an important place in changing the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Plenty of attractive and functional glass shower enclosures are in the market. Here are 5 chic glass shower enclosures to consider for a bathroom makeover.

1) Bypass or Sliding Enclosure

Bypass or Sliding Enclosure

The sliding shower enclosure is ideal for small bathrooms. Consider this enclosure when you don’t have enough space for a swinging glass door, but don’t want to compromise on style. In this design, the glass door slides on tracks with the help of two or three panels instead of swinging out into the rest of the bathroom. This space-saving option works well with corner, stand-alone showers.

2) Pivot Enclosure


A pivot shower enclosure is a modified version of traditional hinged or swing-open enclosures. This option is good for bathrooms that have ample space. It is attached with a pivot hinge that allows the door to open in both the directions. You can install this enclosure either at one side or at the centre to create a unique look.

3) Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

frameless glass shower enclosure

The frameless glass shower enclosure is a popular option that accentuates your bathroom. This enclosure is sleek, modern, attractive and easy to clean. Ideal for complementing a small bathroom with contemporary décor, a frameless shower enclosure has a simplistic design and makes the shower area appear more spacious.

4) Glass Block Enclosure

glass block enclosure

A glass block enclosure creates a door-less shower area that gives a neat and clean look. In this design, the glass blocks are assembled together just like LEGO blocks to create a walk-in space without a door. The glass blocks have textured patterns that conceal water marks and other minor stains.

5) Textured Glass Enclosure

textured glass shower enclosure

Give a decorative look to your bathroom with a textured glass shower enclosure. It provides both privacy and a distinctive appearance without using frosted glass. The best texture is rain glass where one side of the glass is patterned as if streaks of rain are pouring down the glass, while the other side is left smooth for easy cleaning. The textured surface provides vision control and covers water stains.

There are many options available when it comes to glass shower enclosures. They add character and spruce up your bathroom space. Be it a traditional swing-open enclosure or a modern frameless one; choose the one that suits your style.