Custom Products

Academy Glass brings an exotic range of custom glass products that lends a sheer elegance to the overall décor of any space. Be it your home or your office, we can get our glass products aptly customized to suit your needs and lifestyle. Over the past few years, glass has been a key element of décor statement. Apart from adding elegance, it helps to brighten up a space by allowing light to come in. With our assortment of custom glass products, you can enhance your living space like never before.

Our product line includes an exclusive range of customized mirrors, shower doors and table tops, which are done as per your specifications. Whether you need beveled edges or sand blasted finish, we do it all for you with 100% accuracy.

Here’s what Academy Glass offers:

Custom Mirrors

Our exclusive cut-to-size mirrors glam up any space (be it your home or office), while lending it a sheer charm of elegance.
Custom Shower Door

We customize stylish shower doors as per your taste, so that you can get a refreshing start every day.
Custom Glass Table Tops

Exclusive glass table tops designed by us are timeless and are aptly customized to suit for any applications.

We bring you the luxury of glass and glass made products at highly competitive price. Feel free to contact us for making your interiors elegant in the most affordable way.