3 Different Mirror Styles to Beautify Your Home

November 8, 2016

Why mirrors have become a trend accepted by the masses? The reason is that simply nothing can ruin the shiny appeal and practical utility of mirrors. A mirror plays dual role in the world of interior designing; as an ornate object and a guarding agent against water. Place it within residential or commercial space; it will perform its functionality with utter brilliance. Manufacturers and suppliers of mirrors have not only strengthened mirror as an object to be durable but also introduced endless ideas of striking designs.

What are the probable ways of styling mirrors?

Vanity mirrors in bathrooms

  •  Vanity mirrors in bathrooms: General mass is accustomed to vanity mirrors used in automobiles for quick touch-up on looks. Breaking all restrictions in the field of better mirror utilization, the concept of using vanity mirrors is applied in both homes and offices. Thus, vanity mirrors are placed in bathrooms as well. Broadly, bathroom vanity mirrors are small and present just above the sink, to let you know your exact appealing look. Whether you brush, apply cream or comb your hair, a vanity mirror is fit for all purposes. Since people are crazy about a proper get-up, you can stylishly hide a cabinet underneath it or simply mount the mirror on a wall. This functional mirror can be bound by a stunning frame or be frameless with beveled edges.

Sliding closet mirror doors

  • Sliding closet mirror doors: As the name suggests itself, rather than making use of hinged doors of an ordinary closet; your cupboard or closet is upgraded in terms of appearance with the change of sliding doors. This way of refurbishing your room is superb for limited spaces. Instead of adjusting a big closet meant to hold clothes, jewelry, files and other important documents, you can obtain one fitted on the wall. Next, rather than investing space for a mirror alone, how about you buy a cupboard with mirror already installed on it. Mirror can be placed on both doors bypassing each other or at any particular side, while the other remains fixed. You can very well demand customized furniture topped with mirror in any pattern you want.

Mirrors for backsplash in kitchens

  • Mirrors for backsplash in kitchens: A mirror with polished surface works sprucely against water. As a result, to protect wall of your homes from the excess moisture, mirrors are installed inside kitchens as well. Presence of counters and sinks can be utilized craftily. You can place a mirror running down vertically between a counter and sink, to protect the wall from unwanted splashes of water. Besides, you can also fill in the challenged wall with horizontal mirrors installed in a continuous manner. Mirrors only shield the wall or grouts used in tiles from water, but also protect the other areas of wall from spatter of ketchup or oil.

Mirrors can also be fashioned into oval, square, rectangle and variant shapes. Lights placed at the opposite side or beside the mirror will brighten the room making it look virtually bigger. Appended with logically placed lights, mirrors can adorn your living space magnificently.

November 8, 2016

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