4 Ways to Incorporate Custom Glass to Enhance Your Home Decor

September 6, 2017

Custom-made glass is both versatile, beautiful and works as an excellent design element. Be it your home or your office, custom glass can enhance the overall décor of any space. It brightens the otherwise dull appearance of the rooms it habits by reflecting light and enhancing their visual appeal. It’s a preferred choice of homeowners who want to give a modern, luxurious and organized look to their décor.

If you want to redesign your home, then incorporating custom glass is the best way to turn your ordinary rooms into aesthetically sound spaces. Here are 4 ways to make the most of the custom glass to give an elegant look to your home’s interiors.

1) Entrance Doors

entrance door

Make a statement by installing glass entrance doors at your home or office. Entrance doors made of custom glass are versatile additions ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. They provide an uninterrupted view, allow natural light to enter and give a clean look to your home’s exteriors. They illuminate the space with a fresh feeling and rejuvenate the décor. Custom glass allows you to experiment with the design as you can choose stained glass with different colours and patterns.

2) Table Tops


Custom glass table tops are capable of adding a focal point to the room. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these table tops create an illusion of more space. Be it a coffee table in your living room or a dining table in your kitchen, custom glass table tops are the perfect solution to match all décor and styles. If your table has an interesting base, then these table tops beautifully highlight it to enhance the overall visual appeal. Since they’re customizable, you can choose the shape and size of the table top.

3) Shower Doors & Enclosures


No material is better than glass to complement a bathroom space. Custom glass shower doors and enclosures are the beautiful inclusions that make your bathroom space appear more spacious. This attractive update is easier to maintain compared to shower curtains and makes the bathroom appear brighter. The best thing about custom glass shower doors is the wide array of possibilities they offer. You can experiment with the style and design of the door as per your choice.

4) Countertops


Custom glass countertops make an excellent addition to your home. Apart from giving an elegant and sophisticated look to your kitchen, these countertops offer several benefits. For example, glass is a non-porous material so it won’t allow liquid to penetrate and form mold, it is easy to clean as a wipe with soapy water is enough and it can withstand high heat, unlike other countertop materials.

Nothing elevates your home’s visual appeal better than custom glass. Be it your living room, kitchen or bathroom, they are ideal for all spaces. It not only boosts your home’s interior design, but also highlights your style. Incorporate custom glass into your home today and see the difference.

September 6, 2017

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