5 Critical Things to Consider Before Buying a Shower Glass Enclosure

February 4, 2019

Shower enclosures are functional which makes them necessary additions to your bathroom. If they are chosen correctly, then they can also increase the aesthetic appeal of your shower space. But, in Toronto and other parts of the GTA, there is a huge collection of shower enclosures to choose from. This wide variety can make the selection process tough. That’s why our experts are going over several important factors that you should consider before buying a shower enclosure for your bathroom.

1. Measure the Space

This is the first step to getting the right shower enclosure based on the space available in your bathroom. Use a measuring tape to find out the height, width and depth of the room. After getting an idea about the space available, you can choose the type you require for the bathroom. For instance, if you have lots of space in the bathroom, then you can easily opt for swinging shower door as it takes a lot of room to function, unlike a sliding door.

Quick Tip: If you want to replace your existing shower enclosure, then take the measurement of the shower trays to get an idea of what you need.

2. Fix a budget

You should always know your budget as it gives an idea of what you can afford. This is important because there is a wide variety of shower enclosures available at different prices. If you don’t fix your budget, then you will end up spending a lot of money which can incur problem in your other expenses.

3. Learn about different shower enclosure styles

There are different styles of shower enclosures to choose from for your bathroom. Some of these are:


Quadrant shower enclosure

This shape resembles a pizza slice and is best suited for the corner of a bathroom. That said, this makes a great choice if you’re running short of space in your shower area.

Offset Quadrant

It is longer than a standard quadrant shower enclosure specially designed to fit the corner of the bathroom.


This provides a lot of space to the person taking a shower and is apt for a larger bathroom. If you have a scarcity of space in your bathroom, then this type is an absolute no-no.


Square shower enclosure

A square shape looks practical and also uses the corners of a bathroom well. It can also complement a variety of shower doors.


D-Shaped shower enclosure

It is similar to a quadrant shape but it features a flat back with a curved design. You can place this in the middle instead of a corner and make it a style statement.

4. Learn about diverse types of shower doors

After you’ve selected the shower enclosure style, the next step is to choose a suitable shower door that will add to the aesthetics of the room. There are different types of shower doors available to choose from and they are:


Sliding shower doors

Sliding shower doors are suitable for quadrant or offset quadrant shower enclosures as they do not take any extra space to open or close it. Also, this door type gives a clean look to the shower area and is also easy to clean.


Hinged shower doors

This type of door stays attached at one corner and swings outward to open. This type complements a square or a rectangular shower enclosure but, make sure you have enough space in the room if you select this door type.


Bi-Fold shower doors

It’s like a sliding shower door but it features two doors that have a common point in the middle. Thus, it saves space for square or rectangular shower enclosures.

5. Pick the right shower tray

A shower tray is an important part as it sits at the bottom of the shower enclosure where you stand and take a shower. There is a huge variety available such as quadrant, rectangular, square, pentagon, offset quadrant and walk-in shower. It is also made of different materials like stone resin or acrylic.

These are the most important things to consider when you’re planning to buy a shower glass enclosure for your bathroom. Make sure you don’t leave any out any of the above factors before investing in your shower enclosure. Good luck!

February 4, 2019

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