5 Simple Upgrades to Transform Your Bathroom

September 4th, 2017

Are you bored of your bathroom’s interiors? If so, then it’s time to refresh its look with some simple upgrades. You can transform your bathroom from dull to dashing without much elbow grease.

Today’s post discusses a few simple renovations to turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa-like space. Here are the 5 upgrades that can make the difference.

1) Update the Fixtures

Your bathroom’s look depends on it fixtures. The out-dated sink, leaky faucet and old shower enclosures don’t improve the style of your bathroom space. Update the fixtures by adding a pedestal sink, colourful glass corner shelves and chic faucets. These new additions will change the appearance of the interiors, with a refreshing look.

2) Install a Frameless Glass Shower Door

frameless glass shower door

Your old shower curtains not only look messy but also degrade the look of your bathroom. Replace your flimsy shower curtain with a modern and elegant frameless glass shower door. This sophisticated upgrade will give you a spa-like feel and transform your bathroom into a retreat. You can also change the floor and walls of your shower area by replacing them with new ones.

3) Add a Wow Factor

The best way to spruce up your bathroom is to add a wow factor. Include some new features such as painting a wall with a bright colour and bold patterns, mount a dramatic mirror and install a vintage towel bar. You can also customize the mirror to match it according to your style. These inclusions add glamour to the setup and create a focal point to attract the attention.

4) Incorporate a Fun Element

Add a lively feeling to your bathroom by experimenting with the décor. For example, install a cute curtain on your bathroom window, add a fun wallpaper and mount an elegant ceiling fixture such as a small chandelier to see your bathroom in a whole new light. You can also bring the warmth of wood to your bathroom in the form of accent pieces. It will give a natural and sophisticated touch to your space and give a contemporary look to your bathroom.

5)  Add Some Colours

Be it a bathroom or a living room, colours can bring life to any space. Paint your cabinet doors and vanity to give them a new look. If you can’t afford to change your floor tiles, then you can transform them by painting them in a new colour. Match the curtains with complementing colours and see the difference.

These simple upgrades have a strong impact on your bathroom’s appearance but not on your pocket. A few new elements will make your bathroom come alive. This weekend, incorporate these inspiration changes and give your bathroom a complete makeover.