6 Bathroom Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

December 6, 2019

Your bathroom is your ‘me time’ space so why not decorate it the way you want? It can create a style statement if you know how to design or refurbish it from walls to floor, from custom shower doors to other bathroom installations. You can give each section equal importance to achieve the bathroom of your dreams, like the ones you see in boutique hotels and resorts.  After all, gone are those days when your washroom was only about function, not form. Interior designers are coming up interesting ideas to blend beauty and convenience.

If you’re looking forward to changing up your bathroom, this blog post is all you need. As 2020 approaches, our decoration décor enthusiasts have complied six upcoming design trends. Keep reading to discover and implement the ones you like best.

6 Trending Bathroom Designs in 2020  

Here are a few bathroom designs that are both functional and appealing.

  1. Standalone tubs

Bathtubs are nothing new, but their designs sure are. Standalone tubs are already popular but are set to make a huge statement in the coming year. Instead of going for obvious shapes, opt for something different like slipper, round and hourglass. Slipper bathtubs are a great choice as they feature two raised sloping ends. After you have selected a shape, opt for a metallic or matte finish. Either install it by the wall or in the centre based on what makes sense.

Standalone tubs

  1. Extraordinary bathroom fixtures

Do you want a minimalistic design? Choosing out-of-the-box bathroom fixtures will come in handy. Avoid outdated chrome, and instead go for black, copper, gold, brushed or shined ones. To complement these fixtures, go subtle on the other décor essentials like vanities, bathtubs and toilets. Open or glass shower doors are best if like this particular tip. Also, don’t forget to paint your walls in neutral shades like white, beige or grey to make your fixtures pop.

Extraordinary bathroom fixtures

  1. Terrazzo walls and floors

Terrazzo is a mixture of natural stones like marble and cement, and is usually used for walls, countertops and backsplashes. It has ruled bathroom interiors for many years and will remain a popular material for shower walls and floors in 2020. With its fragmented texture, terrazzo looks lovely as it exhibits a rustic appearance. As it comes in many colours, it’s a versatile option that never disappoints. However, if you’re choosing this material for your bathroom, pick small fragmented pieces over larger ones.

Terrazzo walls and floors

  1. Open showers

If you like a spacious bathroom, nothing beats the concept of an open shower. The latest trend is to keep a bathtub in the centre (although this is completely optional). Otherwise, the shower area is usually separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass wall. With anti-fog mirrors, linear drainage, misting system and ambient lighting, open showers will transform your bathroom from drab to fab. However, it’s wise to keep the shower area away from the bathtub to protect the latter from unwanted mist and water.

Open showers

  1. Console-style vanities

Massive furnishings will not be creating a buzz in the upcoming year. Instead, console-style vanities will be for their simple and chic appearances. They are available in four-legged or wall-mounted varieties, with the latter best for bathrooms where space is an issue. With both, forget about storing unnecessary things to avoid crowding the space and dampening its aesthetic appeal.

Console-style vanities

  1. Refined tiling

From sleek to extravagant, tiles come in a wide variety of textures. They are preferred for bathroom flooring and walls for their durability. Avoid going overboard with loud textures. Instead, balance thin, long and matte finished tiles with shiny and bright ones.

Refined tiling

These six décor trends are going to create a buzz in bathroom interiors in 2020. Each is unique and can instantly revamp your washroom without much effort.  Implement some of them in your bathroom and start the transformation now.

December 6, 2019

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