6 Wonderful Ways to Revamp Your Master Bath’s Appearance

January 29, 2019

Everyone desires a bit of me-time to unwind after a long hectic day. This can come true if you transform your master bathroom into a relaxation spot with a few upgrades. Doing so will not only save you money in the long-run but also make the bathroom one of your favourite rooms in your home. If you’re ready to introduce a spa-like environment to your own bathroom or revamp its appearance, then this blog-post is meant for you. Our experts are going over several upgrades which can change your bathroom from boring to fashion-forward.

1. Add wood accents

As a bathroom is a place where you relax, it is important to include accents that will provide a cosy ambience and calm you down. That’s why wood is the best option when it comes to bringing tranquillity to your private area. You can either upgrade the sink into an above-counter wooden bowl or install a wall full of wooden slats. In addition, if you have metal cabinets for storage in your bathroom, then consider changing them with wooden ones. These additions are simple yet trendy and can uplift the face of your bathroom instantly.

2. Include a glass shower door

It’s time to ditch the shower curtains and install a glass shower door instead. This is one of the classiest additions that create an impression of more space and adds a style statement. You can either opt for a sliding or swinging shower door based on the availability of space in your bathroom. This consideration is necessary because a sliding door needs no extra space to function, unlike a swinging door. So, choose the door wisely to avoid cramping your private area.

Quick Tip- When you’re installing a shower door, you can fix white tiles on the walls and floor to make the room appear bigger and more spacious.

3. Change the wall paint

Change the wall paint

This is an easy way to bring a drastic change in your bathroom. When you’re updating the colour scheme, you can stick to soothing colours such as mint green, light brown, beige, white and grey. Paint three walls with a single soft colour and the fourth one with a different colour to have the latter act as a focal point of the room.

4. Create a statement wall

A statement wall is a focal point of the room that has been mentioned earlier. There are many ways to create this accent wall, you can either paint it with different vibrant colours or install floating shelves to display home decor accessories like showpieces and mirrors. You can also hang an artwork of your choice. But avoid overcrowding the wall with too many elements to prevent straining your eyes. Always follow the rule-of-thumb of keeping it simple and classy!

5. Replace light fixtures

When you’re replacing light fixtures for your bathroom, always select dim lights to soothe your senses. Big and bright lights are an absolute no-no because they are too loud which lowers the aesthetics of the area. You can choose wall sconces or chandeliers as they illuminate a place perfectly. You can also place scented candles and light them up when you take a shower and enjoy a spa-like experience in your home.

6. Add mirrors

Mirrors are great stylistic additions to any room as they make an illusion of more space. They are sleek, stylish and uplift the face of any room if they are placed properly. For instance, you can hang a customized bathroom mirror above the sink and vanity. If there is a window in your bathroom, then you can place an oversized mirror on its opposite side. This will reflect the outside scenery into the bathroom and create a communion with nature.

These are some of the tried and tested upgrades that work wonders in any bathroom. You can incorporate them and start with the transformation as early as possible to give your master bath the most-awaited look!

January 29, 2019

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