7 Beautiful Mirror Shapes for Any Bathroom Style

November 29th, 2018

Beautiful Mirror Shapes

From adding a style statement to creating an impression of more space; mirrors can do a lot for your bathroom. This versatile piece comes in different shapes, sizes and finishes to choose from. There are oval, square, rectangle, hexagon, circle, octagon and other abstract shaped mirrors available to style any bathroom décor. If the interiors of your bathroom are traditional, then square, hexagon and octagon shaped mirrors will look great. On the other hand, for modern or contemporary décor style, circle and oval mirror shapes are appropriate.

In this blog post by Academy Glass and Mirror, a glass company in Toronto, we are going over the different mirror shapes that you can try in your bathroom.

1. Square

Square bathroom mirrors are the same dimension in all sides. But this need not be boring if you design it with frames and backlights. You can also try mounting options that will angle the mirror off the wall creating a modern or classic style. This shape is smaller than rectangle and oval making it appropriate for small bathrooms. In addition, this mirror also limits the reflection for its small size. That’s why, if you want to hide your laundry basket or toilet, this is the best option.

2. Rectangular

Rectangular shaped mirrors are one of the common bathroom mirrors for its great aesthetic appeal. If you place this type in different ways, you can open up a lot of space in your bathroom. Generally, these mirrors are big and can be placed vertically and horizontally above the sink and vanity. You can also place two rectangular shaped mirrors side by side over the sink for a better reflection and style. If you have a full-length option in your bathroom, then you can hang one of these for your head to toe reflection. This mirror also creates a statement in the bathroom if it’s placed at the centre over the vanity.

3. Oval

If you have limited wall space in your bathroom, then oval mirrors are the right choice for you. With this type, you will also be able to create a style statement as it fits into any type of narrow designs especially over a sink. You can place them vertically and horizontally similar to rectangular mirrors. For full-length options in a narrow space, this mirror is suitable which will augment the appearance of your bathroom and create an impression of more space.

4. Round

Circular mirrors are known for creating a dynamic contrast in your bathroom and also enhance other design elements. For instance, if you have an angular sink or mosaic tiles on the bathroom floor, then hanging these mirrors can soften the appearance of these décor essentials. When selecting these mirrors, choose the frameless ones for a better aesthetic appeal. You can hang multiple round mirrors of different sizes opposite to a full-length mirror to add an extra dimension to your bathroom.

5. Hexagonal

Hexagon shaped mirrors add an interesting element to any décor style for its unique six-sided shape. These mirrors with heavy design elements look best with a marble oval sink, ornate fixtures and round tubs which are appropriate for a classic style bathroom. But select frameless hexagonal mirrors for a modern bathroom.

6. Octagonal

If you want to update the appearance of your bathroom, then you might try this eight-sided mirror. These mirrors are different to look at and add a crafty style to your bathroom. But these mirrors look best with a thick frame around them. You can place it over a sink or vanity depending on your preference.

7. Unconventional

Instead of selecting common mirrors like oval, circular, square or rectangle, you can try different abstract shapes. You can make these unconventionally shaped mirrors as the focal point in your bathroom. Place it over a sink or vanity, the choice is yours. But, don’t forget to frame them with an intricately designed frame to make it look extraordinary.

These are some of the widely used bathroom mirror beautifying different décor styles. From modern to classic interiors, these mirrors highlight different design elements and also open up space in the bathroom. If you’re looking to buy bathroom mirrors, then get in touch with us as we are a reputed glass company in Toronto. Contact us and choose from a wide variety!