7 Inspirational Custom Glass Mirror Design Ideas

February 8th, 2021

Mirrors are one of the most cost-effective and powerful home decorating tools, but they’re often overlooked. They can, for instance, make an otherwise small area look spacious, while their best quality is that they can be cut to your exact specifications.

From folded corner mirrors to full-length bathroom mirrors, there are many ways to use custom-cut mirrors to add beauty, space and character to a room.

Custom Mirrors to Improve Your Home’s Interiors

Below, we share seven custom glass mirrors that are sure to elevate any space, no matter their size, shape or style, or your budget.

1. Timeless Life-size Mirrors

Large mirrors never go out of style, particularly in your bedroom or living room.
Big vertical mirrors are an excellent way to add life and character to any space, including your bathroom.
Depending on its shape and position, a mirror can seem to multiply or expand a room. For example, a vertical mirror can make it appear taller, hence making it feel larger, as it draws the eye upwards. A large, horizontal mirror, on the other hand, makes the ceiling appear lower and the walls wider. This is particularly helpful for narrow rooms, as it creates the illusion of a bigger space.
There are a couple of tricks to balancing your interior decor and harmonizing its dimensions when it comes to a large mirror.
1) When positioning a mirror over a piece of furniture, we recommend expanding up, not out. (It should not be wider than the piece it’s hanging over.)
2) For angular spaces with sleek, contemporary-style furniture, choose round or oval ornate mirrors to break the monotony and add more detail.

2. Contemporary Frameless Mirrors

Typically seen in bathrooms over the vanity, their neat and sleek look makes frameless mirrors perfect for any type of decor. Although available in a range of common shapes such as round, square, rectangular, hexagonal and pentagonal, you can get them customized to your preference.
Frameless mirrors are known for their straight lines and buffed edges, which are appropriate for modern or contemporary decor styles. What’s more, since these mirrors have no frames, they have a larger surface area which can make a cramped space look much larger. With this frameless option, you only need to take care of the mirrored surface; no special cleaning agent is required to clean the frames.
If you prefer a minimalistic look, frameless mirrors are your best choice. Use them in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways or even kitchen backsplashes. Just make sure the other room furnishings are simple and feature straight lines.

3. Folded Corner Mirrors

These mirrors are best suited to bathrooms, where corners can become neglected. A custom folded corner mirror makes these spaces more functional. Its design can enhance the overall vibe of your bathroom while making the optimal use of dull, unused corners. These mirrors are perfect for small bathrooms or those looking for a unique corner wall design.

4. Classic Round Mirrors

Round mirrors create a dynamic contrast in any room. For instance, if you have an angular table or sofa, a circular mirror can smooth its hard edges and give the space an instant uplift. Their shape complements other decor elements, including curtains, couches, wallpaper, and lights.
Although these mirrors are usually seen in mosaic or tiled bathrooms, you can hang them anywhere, irrespective of the flooring or wall style.

5. Blended Vintage Mirrors

Since mirrors are so versatile, you can always experiment with their looks, design and positioning.
If you love the vintage look but also want something contemporary, consider using oval or round mirrors with vintage textured frames. A maple or birch mirror frame with clean lines gives your room a subtle vintage look without making it appear dull or outdated.

6. Traditional Venetian Mirrors

Use Venetian mirrors to bring a romantic, antique feel to your room. They feature beautiful designs etched onto the borders for a royal look. You’ll usually spot them in the bathrooms of high-end resorts and boutique hotels, but they complement traditional decor styles in any space.
Venetian mirrors are best suited to traditional bathroom vanities and give the decor an elegant, edgy look.

7. Smart Extension Mirrors

Do you lack space to hang a bathroom mirror? Try an extension mirror.
Also known as swing arm mirrors, they attach to a wall with an accordion mount to save space. You can pull it closer when needed and push it away when it’s not, making it a great solution for a cramped bathroom.
They are also used in large bathrooms as an additional mirror at the side of the vanity or other wall mirrors.
Mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces that help you put on your makeup or get a nice, clean shave. They’re also the perfect way to make rooms and hallways feel brighter and bigger than they are. While there are countless ways to design, pair, and position your wall mirrors, these are some of the most practical design ideas to inspire your home’s new look.