7 Stunning Shower Designs for Your Luxury Bathroom

June 23, 2020

Few things are as relaxing as a shower after a long day. And a well-decorated and designed bathroom makes unwinding and pampering yourself even more special.
That means, though, that your shower may need an update.
From shower enclosures to steam showers, there are many creative and functional ways to make your shower special.

Top 7 Modern Shower Design Ideas to Inspire You

Designing your living room or bedroom can seem less problematic or confusing than more utilitarian spaces like the bathroom or kitchen. And a well-designed bathroom, especially the shower area, is an indication of the homeowner’s taste.
Here are some modern shower design ideas to create a luxurious bathroom experience.

  1. Glass Shower Enclosures

Whether you choose a semi- or fully-enclosed shower, glass enclosures help make your bathroom feel larger than it really is.
Frameless glass panels generate a seamless transition between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, creating an airy and luxurious expanse. Of the many types of enclosures available – including sliding, frosted and folding glass doors – this multiple windowpane-style enclosure looks sophisticated and pairs perfectly with white marble tile walls and flooring. Complete the look with a rainfall or light-filled shower head.


  1. Cubicle Showers with Body Jets

Want spa-like luxury at home? While a frameless hinged glass door adds space and style to your shower cubicle, a body jet is perfect for showers. From soft, relaxing shower rain to powerful jets that activate your senses, you adjust the water pressure according to your mood. If you’re using marble tiles in your shower area, consider gold bathroom fixtures for a royal feel.


  1. Boho Shower Space with Geometrical Tiles

Simple, clean, and sophisticated, this boho-inspired shower space is pure luxury. The plain white bathtub adds character, while the window and greenery add to its open air charm. A frameless sliding glass door seals off the shower from the tub area, while a matte black tub and shower fixtures are a striking contrast to the lovely geometric tiles.


  1. Multiple Rainfall Showerheads

Do you love getting caught in the rain? Then why not experience the same feeling in your bathroom? A rainfall showerhead with airstream technology is the perfect way to enjoy a rain-like experience at home. It works by mixing air and water to create a water jet that closely resembles the feel of a rain shower. This water force has a therapeutic effect on your mind and body, while also gently exfoliating your skin. To enhance your bathing experience, switch between two showerheads or use them simultaneously.


  1. Contemporary Shower Panels

Petite, luxurious, and functional, shower panel systems are a great fit for any bathroom, and since they’re usually wall mounted, they don’t take up much space. Instead of buying individual shower accessories like shower heads, shower caddies or hand shower units, you get all the features in your shower panel. From minimalist designs to more elaborate ones, you can get different shower panel designs to fit any bathroom decor.


  1. Transcendent Shower Layout

If you want the best of all worlds, this shower layout is the best. Install different showerheads (including rainfall and handheld ones) and wall jets to enjoy an incredible shower. You can use them all at once or switch between them. Even if you come home feeling exhausted, this shower set up is sure to make you relaxed and stress free.


  1. Computerized Shower for Tech Lovers

Computerized showerheads detect the presence or absence of someone near the showerhead and calculate their typical distance from the showerhead when bathing. They’re perfectly designed to target different body parts, and everything from water temperature to pressure can be adjusted. While expensive, computerized showers are a lifetime investment.


Your shower is more than just a place to quickly get clean. The modern shower pampers you and serves as a quiet getaway from the outside world. Featuring impressively eclectic designs and features, modern shower setups guarantee years of use with minimal upkeep. Take inspiration from these modern shower decor ideas and upgrade your bathroom to a relaxing retreat.

June 23, 2020

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