8 Big Myths About Glass Shower Doors Busted

December 31, 2018

Glass shower doors look stylish and add great aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. But there are many misconceptions and myths about them that may hinder your decision to make a purchase. Before giving in and avoiding the purchase, it’s important for you to learn the truth behind the myths to better help you in your decision.

If you’re planning to buy a glass shower door for your home, then this blog-post by Academy Glass and Mirror is meant for you. We are a glass company in Toronto and we will be going over some of the big myths and busting them.

1. They can explode easily

You may have heard or read reports related to glass shower doors exploding while being used. But the truth is shower doors are made of tempered glass which is a durable material. Glass manufacturers adhere to very stringent safety standards to prevent injuries. Even if shower doors do break, they will shatter into small pieces rather than sharp shards as the latter can lead to dangerous accidents.

2. They can be expensive

Glass shower door manufacturers offer a range of products that meet just about any budget. The cost of the door depends on several things such as the type of door you want for your bathroom, the company you’re purchasing from and the installation method.

3. They are difficult to clean

difficult to clean

This is a common misconception about shower glass doors. These doors may accumulate soap scum and water droplets, but they can be cleaned in no time. You can remove the stains with a soapy sponge and then dry it with a dry cloth.

4. They can leak water

Many homeowners may believe that a glass shower door isn’t leak proof but this isn’t true. If the shower door is installed properly by a professional, then water won’t leak when you take a shower. Leak guards are also sometimes applied which ensures that the water stays inside the shower and doesn’t outflow. The position of the shower head should also be considered. For instance, if it is not placed away from the door, then there will be water leakage.

5. All glass products are same

There are different types of glass available such as patterned, clear and frosted. They vary in thickness, protective coating and colour gradient. They are unique with their characteristics. You should select a glass type based on your choice and budget to give your shower area a desired look.

6. Replacing them is better than repairing

This is not advisable unless the door is damaged or the shower enclosure has worn out. Replacing the entire set-up may cost more than repairing it. There are sometimes instances where the rollers of the doors malfunction which require only a fix rather than replacing the entire door.

7. Protective glass coating makes them maintenance free

Being easier to clean makes glass shower doors simpler to maintain. You can wipe the glass or squeegee it after you use the shower to make it look spotless.

8. A towel bar can be added after installation

It is always smarter to add a towel bar when you’re placing an order for a custom glass shower door. This is because if you leave this addition for later, then problems may arise as holes need to be cut into the glass sheet to install this fixture.

Getting a shower glass installed in your home, increases the value of your property. Remember to conduct proper research before investing in one. It is advisable to hire professional glass door installers for the task to avoid unwanted problems in the long run.

December 31, 2018

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