How to Decorate Your Bathroom with Custom Mirrors (9 Ideas)

March 31st, 2021

Custom bathroom mirrors are a versatile way to decorate this functional space. They’re not only functional but also a simple way to spruce up the appearance of your vanity. These eye-catching reflective pieces also enhance both the function and aesthetic design of your bathroom by making it appear larger than it is.

Available in a wide range of designs and shapes, bathroom mirrors create a true focal point that elevates any room, no matter its size or style.

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9 Incredible Custom Bathroom Mirrors to Reflect Your Style

Do you want to up your bathroom’s style game? We have plenty of bathroom mirror ideas to inspire you and transform the space from dull to dazzling.

9 Fresh & Inspiring Bathroom Mirror Ideas

1) Round Mirror

The safest way to decorate your vanity is to add a large, round mirror. This might seem an obvious way to furnish your bathroom, but this timeless addition can also bring together other design elements within the space. If you have other round fixtures in your bathroom with wood accents and white hues, rounded mirrors will complement them and create a cohesive aesthetic.

2) Skinny Vertical Mirror

Do you have a small bathroom? Place a narrow vertical mirror to create a mini powder room to best utilize the space. Remember to complete the decor with wall sconces.

3) Golden Frame Mirror

Break the monotony of an all-white bathroom and give your walls an unconventional appeal with a unique mirror. A golden frame mirror with a few added golden accents, like cabinet knobs, faucets, and wall lights, will help you see how splendid your bathroom can look. This colour scheme and an offbeat mirror frame will add shine and reflect light to make your bathroom amazing.

4) Seashell Mirror

Add a subtle beach vibe to your vanity area with a seashell frame mirror. You can either buy a customized mirror from a glass company or make it a DIY project by adding seashells to an old mirror. Decorating your bathroom with a seashell mirror will give a personalized appearance and complement a nautical-style bathroom.

5) Vintage Mirror

Choose a vintage mirror with intricate details on the frame to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic and add beautiful textures. This style of mirror pairs well with bold fixtures and vibrant wall paint.

6) Twin Mirrors

What’s better than one bathroom mirror? Two.

Give your vanity a gorgeous update with twin mirrors placed side by side, no matter their shape or size. Whether you want to choose two identical, tall mirrors or pill-shaped ones, the combination will make your bathroom decor interesting and work as a massive design statement.

7) The Mirror Wall

Make even the tiniest bathroom look roomy and bright with a mirror wall. This is an impressive way to use a mirror in a bathroom as it not only doubles the space’s visual size but also makes a huge impact on the overall appearance.

A large mirror that runs the span of the wall ensures that there’s space for every family member’s morning routine. It’s also an excellent addition to hide imperfections. For example, if you have an unsightly wall, either because of its colour or damage, a wall mirror can cover the flaws.

8) Backlit Mirror

Backlit mirrors are a popular way to create a subtle glow in your bathroom. They employ LED lighting tubes that sit behind the mirror to outline its perimeter and enhance your bathroom’s appearance in many ways.

Unlike regular light fixtures on top of mirrors that cast a shadow on your face, backlit mirrors fully illuminate your face with even light. They add a modern touch to your bathroom and become the focal point of its decor.

9) Interestingly-Shaped Mirror

Want to try something outside the box when it comes to decorating your bathroom? Then ditch traditional round and rectangular mirrors for something with an interesting shape. From a sunburst mirror with a mix of mirrored and hollow petals to a geometric one with a brass frame, interesting and practical bathroom mirrors immediately draw your attention. Take inspiration from quirky pieces you can find on Pinterest.

Bathroom mirrors can be both functional and visually appealing. Because they can make or break the room’s overall appearance, they should make a statement but not overpower your decor. You can choose traditional rounded, vintage, or twin ones. Or if you want to revitalize your bathroom with something unconventional and unique, a mirror wall, geometric mirror, backlit mirror, or custom mirror is the perfect addition.