A Complete Guide to Different Types of Glass for Your Home

March 4, 2019

The right glass door or window can add great aesthetic appeal to your home. It can also increase the value of your property as maintaining them is less work compared to wooden doors. These are the reasons why homeowners are preferring glass as a material for doors and windows over anything else. If you’re also planning to switch to glass doors and windows, then this post will help you learn about the different types of glass to choose from for your home.

Different Types of Glass

1. Float Glass

float glass

It is the most basic type of and is available in large flat panels. It is manufactured by floating the molten glass on the molten tin to produce smooth thin glass panels. It is a basic sheet of glass before being treated with coating or lamination. Available in different sizes, colours and opacities, it shatters into large shards when broken reducing the risk of injury.

2. Laminated Glass

laminated glass

Laminated glass is known for its sturdiness as it contains two glass panes with an interlayer of PVB or polyvinyl butyral bonding the two glass sheets. It is manufactured by applying high heat and pressure to ensure its strength. The speciality of this glass is that when it breaks, the broken pieces remain stuck to the interlayer preventing hazardous shards. Apart from glass doors and windows, this glass is popularly used in the automobile industry for windscreens and backlights.

3. Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is formed by cooling a panel of float glass. The purpose of annealing is to increase the strength of the glass by decreasing the stress formed by rapid cooling. But it may not be the perfect choice for doors and windows because when it breaks, sharp pieces are created.

4. Obscured Glass

It is a semi-transparent glass allowing partial light to come in. It may be frosted, etched, coated or designed to ensure limited visibility when looking through it. This increases privacy in a room. It is commonly used for front or shower doors and bathroom windows.

5. Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is special as it is very energy efficient. It consists of two to three glass panes with argon in between the spaces. These glass panes are usually laminated or tempered as a safety measure. It also has a desiccant component ensuring that there is no condensation formed in between the glass panes. If you want to bring down the cooling and heating expense of your home, then this may be the right option.

6. Tinted Glass

tinted glass

It is just like regular glass but with added colour for ensuring privacy or adding aesthetics to an area. It can also be used to reduce the entry of the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is usually used in vehicles and commercial buildings but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in your home.

7. Tempered Glass

It is similar to annealed glass but with quadrupled strength. This glass is heated at above twelve hundred degree Celsius and then cooled rapidly. After the glass is tempered, it can’t be cut which is why this glass is cut first and then the tempering process is done. It is hardy in nature making it a safe option to use for doors and windows.

8. Wired Glass

It is a fire-resistant glass. Wire grids are built into the panes which can hold the glass in the frame if it shatters under heat. For this reason, it is widely used in commercial buildings like hospitals, schools and offices. But you can use it in your home as well if safety is your primary concern.

9. Mirrored Glass

mirrored glass

It acts as a decorative piece where one side of the glass panel is covered with a coating. The latter is sealed with a protective sealant creating a mirror effect. It is usually seen on walls, furniture and doors.

10. Low-E Glass

Low emissivity glass is used to reflect thermal radiation. It has a special coating which can deflect infrared rays without blocking the entry of outside light. This makes it beneficial for homes as it helps to keep the indoors cool in the summer and traps the heat from escaping the window or door in the winter. Thus, it can reduce the heating and cooling expenses of your home and save you money.

These are some of the different types of glass which are used extensively for doors and windows of homes, commercial buildings and automobiles. Each one has unique attributes so choose the one that suits your needs. If you’re in Toronto, then you can visit our store as we are a premiere glass company offering a variety of glass at affordable rates. You can also check our recent posts for various informative posts.

March 4, 2019

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