A Dose of Class: With Glass

January 28, 2013

Why do you need the best when you look for glass cutting service in Toronto? You get it right when you do it with glass! That’s what we believe here at Academy Glass. We have come a long way in our business and in studying the market, to be able to get just that right look for you.

Thanks to all the expert hands we have on team, and the experience which they have put behind them, we are able to deliver the goods: and how! Our company boasts of not only products and designs, but also top of the line services. If you are looking at top quality products, then it goes without saying that you would also want it executed with elan. This is where we step in. We take over your glass and mirror related decor dreams and turn them into a process that we have been following effortlessly, and successfully, for years now.

With a roster of services spanning from installation with complete accuracy, to even replacement, repair, maintenance and glass cutting, it should come as no surprise to our patrons, (and also at those looking to join the club) that we have at our disposal, a team assembled with great thought. Our team comprises of people who are thorough experts and have years of experience in creating statements!

Besides cutting mirrors, windows and even glass shelves, and installing the same for you, we undertake glass cutting for options like glass table tops as well. In fact, with the trends and designs we have on file, you will not need to go anywhere else for research. Our designs and styles cover a range of decor options and themes. Our glass table tops are popular due to the unique and beautiful patterns and styles, rendered effortlessly and with complete accuracy by our team of experts.

Whether you are looking for glass shelves or glass table tops, you can rely on Academy Glass for the best results in terms of glass cutting. Besides the measurements, we also understand the purpose of the table so that we give you the right thickness and cut to make it fully and properly functional with no risk of damage.

January 28, 2013

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