A Front Runner amongst Glass Companies in Toronto

September 20, 2012

Amongst one of the foremost glass companies, at Academy Glass we take pride in the fact that our glass and our services are a cut above the rest. We stock and service all kinds of glass. As a glass company, we are also primarily concerned with keeping ourselves up to date with the latest trends and developments in the market. One of our foremost areas of operations includes gaining inspiration through research so that this effectively transforms into design realities and development in decor solutions and statements for your spaces: inside and out!

As a part of unravelling just what it is that inspires us, we have decided to take you on a trip of sorts all this month. We have been detailing great architectural marvels of modern day art and architecture. Only, we have created a small twist. We are only talking about those marvels that have been rendered in glass or mirror.

And what discussion on glass structures can be complete without a mention of that foremost structure that is a bespoke piece on modern times and evolution of art itself? As a beacon of everything to do with the expansive and all-consuming nature of art, the Louvre entrance or the Pyramide du Louvre, was designed and rendered in 1989 by architect I M Pei.

What can be said about this structure that has not been said before? Poets and authors of the modern era have waxed eloquent about this structure, with the climax of Dan Brown’s chilling first novel The Da Vinci Code, set here. This space was designed with the view of holding the increasing number of guests to the Louvre every year. In doing so, there is a structural distribution of the footfall weight between this entrance and the previous one, as the first entrance could not deal with this weight any longer.

A beautiful pyramid rendered in stone, it is indeed an architectural marvel that we, here at The Academy Glass, are proud to take inspiration from. The diamond type placement of the glass tiles and the unobtrusive chrome frames into which these tiles are fitted, only goes ahead to show the beauty with which the French do everything: cooking, crafting and more.

September 20, 2012

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