Are Glass Shower Doors Better Than Shower Curtains?

December 14th, 2022

Are you thinking of replacing your shower curtains with a glass shower door in your Toronto home?

While shower curtains cost less and are easily changed, there are far more benefits to investing in glass shower doors. For instance, they are easy to clean, look great, and are more cost-effective in the long run.

In this post, we discuss the key reasons why installing a shower door is better than a curtain.

Let’s get started.

Why Glass Shower Doors Are Better than Shower Curtains

Below are the top reasons for choosing glass shower doors over curtains.

1.  They Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

When you hang shower curtains, your bathroom looks cramped. But a glass shower door creates an illusion of space that makes your bathroom look bigger and brighter. This openness also creates a spa-like feeling which is not possible with a shower curtain.

2. They Help to Reduce Drafts

Even when your bathroom is warm, you may get a cold draft when you hang a shower curtain. This cold draft is the current of cold air that is drawn inside.

3. Water Won’t Leak

Water leaking out of your shower space, especially in small bathrooms, can damage nearby woodwork, such as your vanity. But, when installed properly, a sliding or fixed shower door will prevent water leakage much more than shower curtains.

4. They Are Low Maintenance 

Compared to shower curtains, shower doors are low maintenance. Their protective coating makes them easy to maintain and clean and also keeps them looking brand-new over the years. Soap foam may also be easily cleaned by using squeegees and glass cleaners.

5. They Look Great 

Shower curtains block the inside of the shower, but shower doors show off your bathing area and become the room’s focal point. Frameless glass shower doors especially help to show the benches, fixtures, rain head or bathtub, and also add a touch of sophistication to the room’s design.

6. They Are a Good Investment

There is a big difference between the cost of a shower door and a shower curtain. Shower curtains do cost less, but glass shower doors are a one-time investment without recurring costs. Once installed properly and if maintained well, it can last for many years. But shower curtains become stained and damaged and should be replaced every six months.

Now that you know the advantages of a shower door over a shower curtain, you can make an informed decision. Glass doors help to set the tone of the room’s decor and offer the space a finished, open, and polished look. Although shower curtains provide a softer look and feel, they are not as functional or long-lasting. If you are unsure which shower door to choose, contact Academy Glass. We are a leading glass company in Toronto offering a wide range of glass products such as glass shower doors and custom-made bathroom mirrors. We also provide glass shower door repair, maintenance and installation at the most competitive rates.