Are Vessel Sinks a Good Idea?

September 5th, 2015

Vessel sinks are the latest and most modern addition to the variety of sinks that we have today. These are extremely stylish, chic and add an element of sophistication to a bathroom. If you have a bathroom that is needs a makeover, installing a vessel sink can work wonders for you. These usually come in various finishes like metallic, glass, stone, etc. that almost transform into eclectic pieces of art! If you are considering installing one, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of vessel sinks.


Stylish: When it comes to style, vessel sinks are hands down winner and score over every other counterpart. They instantly perk up a place doubling up as a piece of art adding luxurious look to the bathroom.

Versatile: When it comes to choosing a vessel sink, you will be spoilt for choice. Though round ones are most popular, you can always check out other shapes like square, rectangular or more sculpted ones. They are made from different materials and come in divergent finishes.

Easily Changeable: Vessel sinks are easy to replace as compared to other sinks. Since these sit on top of the counter, they are easy to replace as there is no need to tamper with the rest of the structure which is not the case for other sinks. Whether it is damaged or you simply want a trendier and stylish one, you can do it without much effort.

Spacious: Vessel sinks make a smaller space look bigger because of their bucket like shape. The material they are made of also has an impact on the space. Vessel sinks make of various glasses are very popular that work well to give smaller spaces a spacious look.


Maintenance: Maintaining vessel sinks require more effort than the others because the inner as well as the outer surface is visible. You have to ensure that both sides are clean and gleaming.

Price: Since these are trendy and stylish, they are a more pricey option than other sinks. But with its popularity growing manifold, manufacturers are coming up with options to cater to every price bracket.

Durability: These sinks may not be as durable as the rest because they are entirely exposed. This makes them more prone to chipping, cracking and scratching. Also the materials they are made of are not always very durable because the focus is more on the style quotient rather than anything else.

Splashing: Water splashing is a common problem with vessel sinks. This happens owing to their shape and the high faucets. However this problem can be resolved by choosing the right faucet and getting it professionally installed.

Now that you know everything that comes with vessel sinks, you can make a well informed decision about buying one!