Bath Time Fun with Shower Enclosures Toronto

July 4, 2012

Breaking news: Shower enclosures have tough competition. Academy Glass is busy creating history with shower enclosures that have a never seen before appeal, and have property owners flocking to their stores. Ditto for its range of shower doors!

Well, don’t be surprised at such a news report in the very near future. With its shower enclosures, Academy Glass will give you a reason to step into the shower at the drop of a hat, as many times as you like in a day. The textures and shapes of these enclosures wish you had more bathrooms to be able to take this one and that one – and that one too! With an eye on safety, the enclosures have been designed with needs of various age groups in mind. Therefore, you will find hinges at just the right angles and with roughened edges and curves, as well as synthetic beading that will keep your fingers from getting hurt if you may happen to close the door at the wrong time. Also, with an eye on hygiene, the ridges and grooves as well as the floor of these enclosures have been so designed to keep grime at a minimum and to make cleaning up a no fuss affair, at best.

With its shower doors, Academy Glass is once again at the helm of bringing to your door step, path breaking technology and ground breaking new designs and patterns. Designed to suit a variety of decor needs, as well as age defined needs, these doors may look sleek and delicate, but are actually as rough and tough as they come. The shower doors in our range are beautiful and yet, low maintenance. Keeping them clean will be the easiest job and you do not have to worry about bent doors after years of use. Durability just happens to be our middle name.

Academy Glass is committed towards providing you with the very best combination of beauty and technology, so you can be assured of a product that will give you the best of all worlds!

July 4, 2012

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