Embrace the Bathing Lifestyle of Celebrities

May 27, 2013

You must be gaping your mouth wide – is it possible? Yes, it is so, if you set up your washroom in glass, exactly the way celebrities prefer. It is also the choice of luxury resorts and top-notch hotels to pamper their choicest guests with such a premium experience. Definitely it is a costly affair, but when sophistication and elegance count, people do not bother to spend that extra bit for embracing a lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

Bathing Lifestyle

Bathroom enamored in glass signifies a premium lifestyle. It is gorgeous, mesmerizing, amazing – the list of adjectives seems never to end while defining the beauty and elegance of it. The experience of bathing in a space made misty and foggy by the water droplets collecting on the glass panes is amazing. It’s fun and romantic to bathe in such a bathroom, which gives the feel of bathing under a waterfall when the shower is on the top. Not just you and your family members, your guests would love the décor of bathing space in your home.

If you have the money for it, then opting for glass products in your bathroom is worth the choice and money. For, mirror and glass products installation in the bathroom you can call the experts of Academy Glass, a notable company of top-category and luxurious mirror and glass products, located in Toronto and also serving residents based in the Greater Toronto Area. They do their job with utmost finesse and are also proficient in repair and replacement services.

May 27, 2013

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