Bathroom Mirrors Are Important, Here’s Why

July 27th, 2018

Bathroom Mirrors Are Important, Here’s Why

Bathroom mirrors are necessary for checking out your appearance, shaving or applying makeup, but, its importance goes much further than that. From creating an illusion of more space, adding light and style to hiding storage space, a mirror is a great addition to your bathroom beyond utility.

For this blog post, we’ll be diving into some of the extra benefits that come with owning and having a bathroom mirror.

• Creates an impression of more space

Having a mirror is the secret behind enlarging the appearance of a bathroom. For a smaller bathroom, it acts as a space creator with its optical illusion and light refraction. You can place it above a sink and it will add depth to the space. If you have a window in your bathroom, then place the mirror on the opposite wall. This will double up the space and give you the illusion of a larger area.

• Creates a style statement

Add a mirror to your bathroom and let it be a style statement. There is a huge variety of mirrors available such as traditional, modern and vintage. Choose the one that will complement the décor style of your bathroom.

• Adds light

If your bathroom is dark, then add a large mirror or a few small mirrors that will instantly light up the space. This is possible because mirrors can bounce back the existing light and brighten up dark areas. This is suitable for bathrooms without windows where natural light is missing.

• Creates natural a sort of artwork

A mirror acts like an art piece in your bathroom. If you have a window in your bathroom, then placing a mirror on the opposite wall will create the illusion of artwork by reflecting the outside scenery.

• Hides storage space

A mirror cabinet is the right choice for you if you have a small bathroom. This furniture piece is not only attractive but, it also provides a lot of space for your toiletries.

• Helps with hygiene

If you have a mirror in your bathroom, then you can brush your teeth properly. For instance, if there’s something stuck in between your teeth, take a look at the mirror and get rid of it before walking out of your bathroom. Doing so will help you avoid embarrassing situations and improve your hygiene.

• Lots of variety

There is a huge variety of bathroom mirrors available based on sizes, styles, shapes and colours. This makes this decorative item a versatile one as it can complement any décor style. From oval, round, square, rectangular, transparent, tinted to the antique frame; several options are available. Just check the inventory of Academy Glass and Mirror to get an idea of all the options!

The above-listed benefits are the reasons why a mirror can create a big difference in your bathroom. If you’re looking to buy custom glass in Toronto, then contact us and request a free quote today.