8 Statement Mirrors You’ll Love for Your Bathroom

January 3, 2020

Do you want to upgrade your bathroom but don’t have much of a budget? Mirrors can change the look of your shower area instantly. Though they’re a common home décor accessory, some homeowners may not understand the value of this addition. Apart from enhancing your bathroom, mirrors create the illusion of more space. This is a blessing if you want your small bathroom to look more spacious. They look royal and create a style statement without you having to do much work. For these reasons, you can never go wrong with mirrors. However, instead of choosing conventional ones, try extraordinary pieces that will beautify your bathroom in no time. To help, we’ve listed eight custom mirrors sure to blow your mind.

Enhance Your Bathroom with These Stunning Mirrors

Here are a few different mirrors that will beautify your bathroom.

  1. Framed Mirrors

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are usually best for traditional décor because they feature thick or thin frames available in different styles and designs. You can choose thick frames if you like intricate designs, whereas slim ones are best suited to contemporary interiors. Each is unique and can enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Just make sure you choose a vanity to match your framed mirror.

  1. Round Mirrors

Round Mirrors

Round mirrors create a dynamic contrast in your bathroom. Their geometric shape complements other bathroom fixtures and sinks. For instance, if you have an angular sink, a circular mirror can smooth its hard edges and give your bathroom an uplift. Though these mirrors are usually seen in mosaic or tiled bathrooms, you can hang one or two of them irrespective of the flooring style.

Pro Tip:

Do you have a full-length mirror in your bathroom? Then fix a frameless round mirror on its opposite side to add depth and dimension to your shower area.

  1. Venetian Mirrors

Venetian Mirrors

Use Venetian mirrors to bring a romantic and antique feel to your bathroom. They feature beautiful designs etched onto the borders and have a vintage and royal look. You will spot them in the bathrooms of high-end resorts and boutique hotels, but they complement traditional décor styles better than modern ones. Traditional bathroom vanities best match Venetian mirrors and give the shower area’s overall décor a lift.

  1. Frameless Mirrors

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors come in different shapes such as round, square, rectangular, hexagon and pentagon. They’re known for their straight lines and buffed edges which are apt for modern or contemporary décor styles. If you like a minimalistic look, frameless is the right choice. Make sure your other bathroom fixtures are simple and feature straight lines.

  1. Extension Mirrors

Extension Mirrors

Do you lack space to hang a bathroom mirror? Try an extension mirror. Also known as swing arm mirrors, they attach to a wall with an accordion mount to save space. You can pull it closer when it’s needed and push it away when it’s not, making it a great solution for cramped bathrooms. Many large shower areas use this as an additional mirror at the side of the vanity along with other wall mirrors.

  1. Lighted Mirrors

Lighted Mirrors

Not surprisingly, these mirrors have built-in lights. Available in different shapes such as square and rectangle, choose the one that suits your bathroom décor.

  1. Pivot Mirrors

Pivot Mirrors

Pivot mirrors are fixed to the wall with two hinged points that allow you to tilt it. They’re usually only available in simple squares or rectangles. To complement its appearance, affix lighting fixtures above.

  1. Ledge Mirrors

Ledge Mirrors

Also known as shadow boxes, these mirrors feature built-in ledges to keep your toiletries or other home décor accessories. This makes them appropriate if you don’t have much bathroom storage capacity. They’re usually used as more of a functional piece than a decorative one.

These eight mirrors can augment the appearance of your bathroom instantly. If you like traditional and antique pieces, framed or Venetian mirrors are ideal. Frameless and lighted mirrors blend well with modern interiors. So, choose the one you like best that also matches your bathroom’s décor and enjoy the transformation.

January 3, 2020

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