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A Guide to the Different Types of Shower Enclosures

Finding the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom is a challenging task. There is an array of options to choose from such as quadrant, frameless, hinged, sliding, bi-fold and D-shaped. As the shower area is considered the focal point of a bathroom, you should choose a style that will suit the décor Read more [...]
September 6, 2018


Cleaning a frameless shower door is a challenging task. In this infographic by Academy Glass, we are taking you over 5 steps for cleaning your shower door. From spraying a mixture of vinegar and water to wiping it off with a dry towel, know everything in detail from this infographic. Keep reading to Read more [...]
August 17, 2018
Bathroom Mirrors Are Important, Here’s Why

Bathroom Mirrors Are Important, Here’s Why

Bathroom mirrors are necessary for checking out your appearance, shaving or applying makeup, but, its importance goes much further than that. From creating an illusion of more space, adding light and style to hiding storage space, a mirror is a great addition to your bathroom beyond utility. For Read more [...]
July 27, 2018
Install a Glass Shower Door

How to Install a Glass Shower Door in Your Bathroom

If you want to upgrade the appearance of your bathroom, then nothing is better than installing a glass shower door. It increases the visual appeal of your shower and is also easy to maintain. It can be installed with or without any professional help. If you’re in a hurry to uplift the face of your Read more [...]
June 27, 2018
Different Types of Glass for Shower Doors

Different Types of Glass for Shower Doors

A glass shower door adds a wow factor to your bathroom. For modern décor style, a glass shower door is a must-have addition to boost the appearance of the bathroom. That’s because these doors can be customized which makes them extremely versatile for any size bathroom. Here is a rundown of Read more [...]
May 22, 2018
glass table top

Top 4 Reasons to Invest in a Glass Table Top

If you want an attractive addition to your living or dining room, then consider getting a table with a glass top. Easy to clean and simple in appearance, a glass table top is worth the buy for many reasons. It can increase the aesthetic appeal of a room, especially if you have a wooden carved dining Read more [...]
April 25, 2018
custom mirror

Perks of Investing in Custom Mirrors for Your Home

Is your home missing a wow factor? If so, then it’s time to add some custom mirrors. Mirrors have a unique look and create an unparalleled style statement. Out of the many décor items available, custom mirrors can play a major role in making your home beautiful. From creating the illusion of more Read more [...]
March 28, 2018

Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Control Film

Installing solar control film isn’t a new concept; it’s something that has been around for decades. It comes in a variety of options which suits the needs of every client. Solar control film has evolved so that it can offer practically transparent options along with decorative ones. They come in Read more [...]
March 6, 2018

Why You Should Buy Custom Mirrors

Most of us fail to realise that mirrors are an extremely important element in our everyday lives. It’s not uncommon to find mirrors in most, if not all the rooms of a house. However, if they don’t have the correct style, shape or size, they can turn into impractical eyesores. Finding a mirror Read more [...]
February 1, 2018