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Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Control Film

Installing solar control film isn’t a new concept; it’s something that has been around for decades. It comes in a variety of options which suits the needs of every client. Solar control film has evolved so that it can offer practically transparent options along with decorative ones. They come in Read more [...]
March 6, 2018
entrance door

4 Ways to Incorporate Custom Glass to Enhance Your Home Decor

Custom-made glass is both versatile, beautiful and works as an excellent design element. Be it your home or your office, custom glass can enhance the overall décor of any space. It brightens the otherwise dull appearance of the rooms it habits by reflecting light and enhancing their visual appeal. It’s Read more [...]
September 6, 2017
Sandblasted Glass

Why Choose Sandblasted Glass for Your Home or Office

    Sandblasting is a process that creates a frosted effect on a window glass pane. In this technique, a mix of sand and water is sprayed on the glass surface with very high pressure. Sand particles rub the glass surface thus removing the gloss finish and engraving it with a frosted Read more [...]
May 3, 2017

What Is Low E -Glass?

Are you looking for an energy saving glass for your windows? Why not consider a glass that reduces heat transfer and saves cost? By installing a Low E-glass, you fulfill both goals. Low E-glass or low-emissivity glass emits a low level of thermal energy. It decreases the overall lighting, heating Read more [...]
April 6, 2017

5 Strange Facts about Glass You Never Knew

From glass-stained windows, reading glasses or bottles, glass is just about everywhere in our society. However, despite it being a part of our everyday lives, glass remains a material with a lot of beauty. Being so common, most people never stop to consider how glass is made, it’s history or how Read more [...]
January 9, 2017

Immediate Repairs of Glass Storefront Damage

  You have to agree, there is nothing that can compete with the shimmering power of glass. Glass enclosure makes furniture, home or commercial buildings appear floating. Opaque doors cannot, but glass fronts can communicate about your business with the passers-by and the interested buyers Read more [...]
October 5, 2016

Tempered & Solar Film Coated Glass and Their Utilities

  Glass can be brilliantly utilized to upgrade any residential and commercial space. There is no limitation regarding application of glass. From coffee tables to shower enclosures; from windows to storefronts; glass is used extensively. Glass panels are hardened by annealing and tempered Read more [...]
October 4, 2016

Can the Use of Window Films Reduce Your Energy Bills?

Windows are essential constituents of both residential and commercial places. Modern décor rewards a home with remarkable appearance of windows. The amazing metallic frames and bevelled glass also enhance your property value. But ordinary windows cannot protect you and your family from excessive heat Read more [...]
September 5, 2016
oval wall mirror

What Is So Lovable About Wall Mirrors?

Mirrors? What’s new about them? We stand in front of a mirror, witness our own reflections to perfect and glamorize ourselves. Then what’s the hush and talk about them? The latest trend availed to make our lives even more enjoyable, is to better not only our appearances but also to upgrade Read more [...]
August 4, 2016