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Glass-Cutting Techniques You Can Choose From

The technology of glass-cutting has redefined our conception of home decoration and renovation. Glass is underestimated when compared to opaque and tough materials. Modern technological has made it possible to process and transform any existing material into desired forms. Likewise, glass has been productively Read more [...]
July 6, 2016
Glass Cutting Techniques

Glass Cutting Techniques- A Brief

Installing glass and mirrors in one’s household is a wonderful idea. It brightens up the interior. The only critical element with glass is that a large amount of caution comes with it as additional responsibilities. Glass being a fragile material, there is no lag in using it for making various Read more [...]
April 22, 2013

A Dose of Class: With Glass

Why do you need the best when you look for glass cutting service in Toronto? You get it right when you do it with glass! That’s what we believe here at Academy Glass. We have come a long way in our business and in studying the market, to be able to get just that right look for you. Thanks to all Read more [...]
January 28, 2013

Glass Cutting: Creating Cutting Edge Looks

What does it take to create a unique decor look in your space? This space could be your home, your office, a restaurant, a clinic, a mall: just about anything. To our mind, and sensibilities (thanks to being in the business for so very long!), we would say that the first and most basic thing is the meeting Read more [...]
December 18, 2012

Glass Cutting in Toronto: The Experts are Right Here

The beauty of a glass table top is truly in the eye of a beholder. The glass top for the table is a matter of creating great value within the decor scheme of the property. Often it has been seen that offices use glass top tables for the coffee tables, as well as the receptionist desks. Most home owners Read more [...]
November 7, 2012
Glass Cutting

Glass Cutting in Toronto: Redefining Spaces

Decor diktats feature glass and mirror more often than not as modern and classic statements alike. To make a statement, the best way is to use elements that amplify or bring out the best in your theme or decor scheme. Once your decor scheme has been noticed, it gets easier to appreciate and channel Read more [...]
October 15, 2012

Glass Cutting For Cutting Edge Design

Here, at Academy Glass, we love glass cutting. The shapes, the sizes, the method, the madness: all of it. In fact, we can vouch for the fact that the glass cutting team here is one of the best in all of Toronto. And this leads to many inspiring designs for furniture and other nooks in your property. Read more [...]
September 19, 2012

Good Looking Homes: With Glass Cutting Toronto

A space is a perception. It is not just four walls and ceiling. It is a matter of your personal sense of style, your imagination and most of all: your aspirations. It is the reflection of everything that inspires you. Residential or commercial, every space deserves to be portrayed in a light of its own. Read more [...]
August 2, 2012
Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology With Glass Cutting Toronto

Technology is something that has a new face almost every day. In the modern era, it is something that keeps us going. Updates on technology and bytes on the best in the market usually make for interesting conversations. But now your conversations at parties and gatherings need not begin and end with Read more [...]
June 30, 2012