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How to Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks

How to Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks

If you have a sliding glass door in your home, then cleaning the tracks is important to ensure the door functions properly. This is because when dirt accumulates on these tracks, it will be difficult for you to open or close. That’s why you should clean them regularly and in several different ways Read more [...]
January 2, 2019
Fire Door

Fire Door Maintenance Tips

  Most buildings have detailed fire code of regulations which must be followed. While many people are aware of the fire code regulations involving alarms, extinguishers and sprinklers, most aren’t as familiar when it comes to buildings. One example of this would be that many buildings need Read more [...]
December 7, 2017

Why Invest in Insulated Glass?

Insulated glass reduces heat transfer and saves energy. This helps make your office and home more comfortable. The energy savings provided is substantial, particularly if you’re replacing ineffective and old single pane windows. Whether you’re searching for a commercial or residential replacement Read more [...]
November 3, 2017
Frameless Glass Shower Door

The Benefits of Installing a Frameless Glass Shower Door

Frameless shower doors provide a luxurious appearance to your bathroom. When compared to traditional doors, frameless shower doors have proven to be more outstanding. They can be customized to fit a space of any size. Adds elegance to your home Every member of the family may have different Read more [...]
October 4, 2017
entrance door

4 Ways to Incorporate Custom Glass to Enhance Your Home Decor

Custom-made glass is both versatile, beautiful and works as an excellent design element. Be it your home or your office, custom glass can enhance the overall décor of any space. It brightens the otherwise dull appearance of the rooms it habits by reflecting light and enhancing their visual appeal. It’s Read more [...]
September 6, 2017

5 Simple Upgrades to Transform Your Bathroom

Are you bored of your bathroom’s interiors? If so, then it's time to refresh its look with some simple upgrades. You can transform your bathroom from dull to dashing without much elbow grease. Today’s post discusses a few simple renovations to turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa-like space. Read more [...]
September 4, 2017
magnetic glass board

5 Reasons to Buy a Magnetic Glass Board

Blackboards and whiteboards are things of the past. Magnetic glass boards are the future. These newest inclusions spare you from messy chalk dusts and marker stains. Made from high-quality, tempered glass, these magnetic boards are both beautiful and functional. These boards are a convenient and Read more [...]
August 4, 2017

Different Types of Glass and Their Applications

Glass is a versatile material designed to meet all sort of requirements. Be it our windows or the glasses we use to drink beverages; glass is used for several applications in our daily lives. There are several types of glass differentiated based on their chemical, physical and optical properties. Read more [...]
July 5, 2017
Glass Storefront

Why You Should Have a Glass Storefront for Your Business

  In today’s competitive world, retail shop owners need to work on their visual advertising to get an edge. The appearance of a physical store is important to draw the attention of customers, especially for fashion stores, beauty salons, jewelry stores, coffee shops, florists, etc. The Read more [...]
June 5, 2017
Clean the Glass

How to Clean Different Types of Glass

Be it our homes or commercial buildings, glass is an essential building material of today’s infrastructure. Windows, interior doors, table tops, car windshields, shower doors, etc., glass items surround us. Generally, we deal with 4 types of glass in our daily lives, tempered glass, annealed Read more [...]
May 5, 2017