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Perks of Investing in Custom Mirrors for Your Home

Is your home missing a wow factor? If so, then it’s time to add some custom mirrors. Mirrors have a unique look and create an unparalleled style statement. Out of the many décor items available, custom mirrors can play a major role in making your home beautiful. From creating the illusion of more Read more [...]
March 28, 2018

Why You Should Buy Custom Mirrors

Most of us fail to realise that mirrors are an extremely important element in our everyday lives. It’s not uncommon to find mirrors in most, if not all the rooms of a house. However, if they don’t have the correct style, shape or size, they can turn into impractical eyesores. Finding a mirror that Read more [...]
February 1, 2018
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Use Custom Mirrors – Make Your Interiors Look Wow

Mirror is one of the most cost-effective accessories for your home. They can be found in different shapes and sizes that enable homeowners to purchase the right one for different rooms. Installing a custom mirror adds wow factor to your interior space. Homeowners often look for some creative ways to Read more [...]
March 3, 2016
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How to Decorate a Space with Wall Mirrors?

Mirrors are an important accessory that can be used in every kind of space be it a home or office. They are extremely versatile in nature that makes them suitable for all kinds of space that needs a makeover. Wall mirrors instantly perk up a room and add character to it. They also make a room look more Read more [...]
September 30, 2015

The Writing on The Wall: Now in Eye Catching Styles

Mirrors have been a foremost designer and decor element for centuries now. Ever since its discovery, mirror as an element has enjoyed pride of place in homes. This is due to its beauty, functionality and the fact that it is a versatile element that fits most decor schemes. Accordingly, we present our Read more [...]
January 28, 2013
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Wall Mirrors: Bringing Reflection in Home

Walls in properties all over Toronto have been going through a sea change of sorts thanks to the mirrors available at Academy Glass. The variety of textures, hues, finishes, and tints has taken the decor industry here by storm. The range of wall mirrors that come from the House of Academy Glass, will Read more [...]
December 18, 2012
Modern Day Mirror

The Making of The Modern Day Mirror

Mirrors have fascinated humans since time immemorial. They have been hailed as elements that have magical powers; as elements that can transform the person looks at himself or herself. A mirror can shape perceptions of the self and even act powerful reflections of the soul. Many therapists are in Read more [...]
November 5, 2012

Making a Mirrored Impack with Wall Mirrors in Toronto

Mirrors have been given a facelift here at Academy Glass. With our beautiful and classic mirrors, it is time to render the same facelift to your home, or your space. Wall mirrors have been an elegant portrayal of designer spaces. These spaces can now be extended into homes and properties all over Read more [...]
October 7, 2012

Glass and Wall Mirrors: Making Waves

The structural beauty of glass and mirror is unparalleled in modern day architecture. Its importance has been highlighted by the fact that it has been featured on the entire structures of many important buildings in the history of modern art and architecture. These buildings and structures are an epitome Read more [...]
September 19, 2012

The Glass Effected by Glass and Mirror Toronto

The glass effect? Or the class effect? Well, if you are talking about glass and mirror from the reputed House of Academy Glass, then you must be talking about both! Here at Academy Glass, glass and class come together to create a decor statement that you would never have seen before. Just leave the details Read more [...]
August 1, 2012