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Tempered & Solar Film Coated Glass and Their Utilities

  Glass can be brilliantly utilized to upgrade any residential and commercial space. There is no limitation regarding application of glass. From coffee tables to shower enclosures; from windows to storefronts; glass is used extensively. Glass panels are hardened by annealing and tempered Read more [...]
October 4, 2016

Broken Glass Pane? It’s a Call for Emergency

Even if you buy first-rate glass for your windows; and do everything possible to maintain it, yet glass as a composing material is vulnerable to hassles of splitting and breakage. Broken glass makes your residential or commercial place exposed to hazards of weather and easy burglary. It may seem unchallenging Read more [...]
September 6, 2016

4 Ways to Know That Your Glass Windows Need Expert Care

Amazing shine and clear view of the outside; these attributes make glass the favored choice for modern homes. There are no constraints in installing it and upgrading its allure. Glass will comfortably fit in any residential and commercial space and enhance its elegance. But the problem arises when glass Read more [...]
September 2, 2016

How to Repair the Irreparable?

Glass by nature is ephemeral and vulnerable. A single scratch is enough to make it ugly.  Often it carries the sentiment of the owner with loads of attachments. No wonder, broken glass is comparable to broken hearts in many ways. Therefore, glass repair services can be counted among daily needs moreover, Read more [...]
April 18, 2013

Of Repair Woes…and More

Struggling to get yourself to fix that fused bulb, or indulge in glass window repair? Well, you are not alone. Talk to any of your family members or friends about maintaining a property, and the discussion will inevitably veer towards those pesky repair and replacement woes. Everyone, everywhere always Read more [...]
January 31, 2013

Glass Replacement in Toronto: About Time?

What is it about a well done up space and the vibe that it oozes? Is it just us or do majority of the happy faces we see, seem to belong to spaces that have it all put together in decor terms? Well, if research serves us right, then we actually might be on to something. The putting together of a space Read more [...]
December 18, 2012
Window Repair

Glass Window Repair in Toronto: Now A Breeze

What good is a window that does nothing for your decor scheme; a window that does not open up possibilities upon possibilities in decor terms? The windows here in Toronto are going through a face lift of sorts all thanks to the services and products right here at Academy Glass. With the products Read more [...]
December 18, 2012

Glass Replacement in Toronto: Go With Academy for Best Results

The experts always shine through, no matter what. No wonder the experts here at Academy Glass are in such high demand all year round. Glass replacement in Toronto has been made much easier all thanks to the experts at our end. Glass replacement for your table top, window or any other surface may be Read more [...]
November 7, 2012

Window Glass Repair in Toronto: Now at Your Finger Tips

Taking care of a home or any other property is a full time job, like many property owners will tell you. It does not end with merely buying or building the property: in fact that is only the beginning of a long journey. This journey comes with its own share of challenges and needs, much like a baby. Read more [...]
November 7, 2012