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Replacing Fittings: Pain or Gain?

If you are looking at window glass replacement, then our answer to the above question would definitely be: gain! Replacing and repairing fittings within a property can be a pain at best. Trying to figure out the actual source of the problem and the n homing in on the solution are in itself a task Read more [...]
January 31, 2013
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Windows to Beauty

This would come as news to many of you. But, window glass repair in Toronto or anywhere else in the world is actually a matter of upgrading and looking after an important aspect of your property. The doors and windows of a property actually help you breathe; physically and symbolically. Without proper Read more [...]
January 31, 2013
Window Glass Repair

Window Glass Replacement: Flying The Academy Flag High

Window glass replacement in Toronto, or any other part of the world, can be a pain. The very thought of tackling this job is a painful one. But at Academy Glass, we come with all the right experts and tools to be able to do it without any hassles at all: and the icing on the cake is that we love Read more [...]
December 19, 2012

Window Glass Replacement Toronto: Reasons and More

Window glass replacement is one of the primary functions that we fulfill here at Academy Glass Company. With cutting edge technology and the highest quality glass, we go about rendering our services with zero error tolerance and complete precision. Also, a smile will never be far when we are around. You Read more [...]
November 7, 2012

Window Glass Replacement in Toronto: A Seamless Process

Carrying out projects on your property, personal or commercial, can be quite a task. Apart from that, the project can involve a whole lot of headache and more than that, organization of thoughts and resources so that you are sure that you are in the right direction. We are here to help you figure out Read more [...]
October 15, 2012

Glass Replacement in Toronto: Effortless and Effective

Glass is what we do. Glass is what we understand. We speak the language of mirror and glass here at Academy Glass. This includes products as well as services like glass replacement in any part of Toronto. Our business philosophy, accordingly, has the following elements that define our brand: High Read more [...]
October 15, 2012

The Art and Soul of Glass with Window Glass Replacement in Toronto

With our reasonably priced and absolutely prompt window glass replacement services for all property owners in Toronto, “everything glass” is what we do! Introducing Academy Glass. As one of the premier glass companies, we deal in a slew of products that have to do with glass, mirror, shower enclosures Read more [...]
September 20, 2012

A Glassy Parody: For Glass Replacement in Toronto

At Academy Glass, we have decided to keep you inspired with design and decor options with glass and mirror. Which is why, all this month, we are doing blog posts on beautifully rendered structures from around the world: structures that have been rendered using glass and mirror alone! The next building Read more [...]
September 19, 2012

Window Glass Replacement Toronto: A New Lease of Life

There are myriad reasons as to why people replace the window glass in their homes. These have to do with damages as well as dwindling aesthetic value of the current glass. Sometimes, glass suffers from deposits over the years, as well as cracks and blemishes. Academy Glass has a range of services committed Read more [...]
August 6, 2012

The Perfect Way to Glass Replacement Toronto

Are you tired of the plain old glass in your window? Are you tired of the broken glass window for which you have no time to repair? Are you tired of discoloured glass that does give your home that polished look? Well, all that’s in the past now. Décor experts swear that the details are what make Read more [...]
August 2, 2012