How to Pick the Best Shower Enclosure (13 Types Explained)

June 17th, 2021

It’s not easy choosing the perfect shower enclosure given how many are available. There are many factors to consider before buying one. Fortunately for you, we’ve done comprehensive research.

Here, we examine the different types of shower enclosures to make it easier for you to pick the style that’s right for your bathroom.

Glass Shower Enclosures in Toronto

Not all shower enclosures are meant for all kinds of bathrooms. Glass shower enclosures for small bathrooms won’t be suitable for a big bathroom, for obvious reasons. Here are a few types of shower enclosures found in Toronto.


1. Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Unlike a walk-in shower or frameless enclosure, quadrant shower enclosures are completely enclosed, so you can just slide the door shut and enjoy your shower. They also come in various sizes and colours.

This is a perfect glass shower enclosure for small bathrooms, especially those with a tight corner. Its curved shape provides more interior space, and the sliding door minimizes this issue even more.

2. Framed Shower Enclosures

Framed glass shower enclosures are considered extremely durable because the glass panel is supported by finished sections of brass, aluminum, or chrome. These give the enclosure a grid or panel-like appearance.

Your choices of glass include toughened, frosted, etched, textured, or coloured; all in various thicknesses.

Framed enclosures are also extremely safe because the glass is supported and protected by the frame.

3. Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless glass shower enclosures are usually associated with modern renovations and high-end bathrooms. Their sleek and clean look allows you to display your stylish bathroom hardware proudly. They also create a lighter, more airy look that is a perfect shower design for small bathrooms. But they are also a good option for larger ones when you want to impress people with your shower’s minimalist beauty.

4. Hinged Shower Enclosures

Many shower enclosures today come with hinged doors that usually swing outwards. These are styled minimally for an open and airy feel. The door is held by hinged joints and provides a wide space for entry. A chrome handlebar completes its modern look.

5. Sliding Shower Enclosures

Sliding doors are the best-fitting glass shower enclosure for small bathrooms where you lack space for swinging doors. Their streamlined design offers a more modern impression, and the strong glass or acrylic door is practical and convenient. You can customize a sliding door for any shower design.

6. Bifold Shower Enclosures

Bifold enclosures offer an alternative way to design your shower space. This is one of the most popular shower enclosures because it bends into the shower rather than outwards and takes up less room.

As bifold doors are stylish and offer plenty of flexibility, you don’t have to opt for a full sliding door.

7. Square Shower Enclosures

If you want a glass shower enclosure for a small bathroom, square ones are a good option. As each side is the same length, they can easily fit onto any wall or corner. Transparency always gives you the illusion of a virtually larger space, especially if it’s a small bathroom.

8. Rectangular Shower Enclosures

These are a good pick for larger bathrooms as they’re longer than a square enclosure and take up more space. They’re also suitable for longer sidewalls with shorter ends.

9. Fixed Glass Partitions

Fixed glass partitions cover a small section of your shower area and prevent water from splashing all over. They should be installed on the wall adjacent to your bathroom fixtures.

10. Pre-fabricated Shower Enclosures

Pre-fabricated shower enclosures made from acrylic are practical, ergonomic, stylish, and space-saving.

They also come in a wide variety of options, including pre-installed faucets, a towel rail, and a shower head. For more luxurious features, choose the premium version.

These shower enclosures are easy to install, watertight, and come in a range of prices to fit any budget.

11. Tile & Glass Enclosures

Tile and glass enclosures mix glass insets within solid tiled walls. This aesthetically pleasing shower enclosure will also get plenty of natural light.

12. Glass Brick Enclosures

These come in different colours and textures. The best option is to create a semi-open or half-height enclosure so you don’t feel claustrophobic.

13. Solid Shower Enclosures

If you want a private and cozy shower area, a solid enclosure made of brick walls clad with wall tiles is a good option. You can opt for doorless access or a pivot glass door.

Showering is a great way to start or end your day. So, it’s only logical that you try to enhance the experience. Still have questions? Contact us for the best quality shower enclosures.