Custom Mirrors – Beautiful Additions to Your Home Décor

October 9, 2019

Custom mirrors add a unique touch to the interior decor of any room. From trendy or minimalist to rustic and classic, they come in a variety of designs and styles. When installing mirrors in your home, you may feel confused regarding how and where to add them. Here, you will learn the various ways to include custom mirrors in different areas of your home.

Ways to Use Custom Mirrors in Various Places in Your Home

  • Living Room

The living room is one of the best places to install custom mirrors. If you want to make your fireplace a focal point, install a mirror above it to add depth and brightness. To create the illusion of a tall or vaulted ceiling, place a mirror that stretches from the top of your mantelpiece to the ceiling.

Do you want to highlight a favourite piece of art? Install a mirror on the wall facing the artwork to reflect it. You can also install mirrors on the back of shelves to focus attention on your collectibles. When you add a mirror, the extra lighting makes the displayed items look much better.

  • Bedroom

Installing unique mirrors can give your bedroom a new dimension. Fill the empty wall above your headboard by adding an eye-catching mirror. Show your creativity when designing your mirror to set your bedroom apart. Ditch a single mirror and choose one with a scheme of panels to add depth and a royal touch.

If you have a wardrobe in your bedroom, cover its doors with custom mirrors. Doing so makes a significant difference to the room’s overall look. Frame and segregate mirror panels for a well-organized appearance. A reflecting surface on a wardrobe not only promotes convenience but adds the elegance of an upscale dressing room.

  • Kitchen

Custom mirrors add elegance and functionality to your kitchen. If you want to brighten up your food preparation area, installing mirrored backsplashes can be a smart decision.

Placing customized mirrors in front of cabinet interiors does wonders to show off your stemware, crystal and glass collections. Mirrors also reflect more light through these items which adds a sparkling effect to the space.

  • Bathroom

A bathroom is incomplete without a good mirror. If you are not satisfied with the space of your bathroom, a custom mirror can maximize the area. Placing a big mirror at the top of your bathroom vanity brings in a lot of light as well.

Bathroom mirrors are important and need to be chosen wisely. First, decide on the kind of mirror you want and then customize it as per your preferences. When it comes to installing large mirrors in your bathroom, there are many options. Install a floor-to-ceiling mirror to enlarge bathroom space and make the ceiling look higher than it is. Go for a bronze or grey mirror or a sloping edged one if you want something to complement almost every type of decor.

  • Dining Room

Your dining room is the place where you can incorporate mirrors to brighten the space. If your dining room lacks natural light, mirrors make a big impact. You can also light candles for reflection and to create a romantic ambience. Installing an extra-large mirror adds more visual dimension to the area and increases its elegance.

You can get mirrors for your dining room in different shapes and sizes. A rectangular mirror complements almost any type of interior décor. Install it behind the dining room table to add a stylish touch. Be sure to consider the wall space, as that gives you an idea of what kind of mirror will best fit, as well as the frame you want. Mirror quality also matters, as a poor-quality one will have spots. A bevelled mirror is safe on the corners and reflects natural light into the space.

  • Outdoor Areas

Besides home interiors, you can also use custom mirrors in your outdoor living space. Install a mirrored backsplash in an outdoor grilling or kitchen area to make the area appear larger and cleaner. To reflect sunlight across the outdoor space, add a custom mirror to the top of fireplaces or mirrored table tops. Once installed, there is no need to use a big light fixture as the mirror reflection will illuminate the outdoor space nicely.

To leave a positive impression on visitors, include a large glass mirror in your entrance or foyer. Visitors are welcomed by an illuminated space as the light from the open door reflects the door and entire room. When you install a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the end wall, it reflects enough light to open up the outdoor living space.

Custom mirrors add beauty, functionality and the illusion of space to any part of your home. If you want to include them in your home décor, you need to first think about where you want them. Then simply follow the above-mentioned tips to install custom mirrors in your desired areas and create the perfect look.

October 9, 2019

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