6 Hidden Benefits of Decorating With Custom Wall Mirrors

March 30th, 2020

It doesn’t matter if you live in a condo, apartment or mansion. Custom wall mirrors are indispensable wherever they’re installed.

In small rooms, they create an illusion of space when placed in the right spot. Alternatively, an ornate mirror acts as a statement piece and beautiful addition to any room. In either case, they boost the value of your property. These low-cost accessories come in a variety of sizes, styles and features. You can choose them for your home, office or shop based on your needs.

Still wondering why you should purchase one? Here are 6 benefits of installing custom mirrors.


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Advantages of Using Custom Wall Mirrors in Interior Design

Custom wall mirrors personalize any room in which they’re installed. Here’s how.

  1. They Enhance a Room’s Appeal

Adding mirrors to a room beautifies it and makes it more pleasant. Take advantage of the reflection to draw attention to an interesting painting or a gorgeous vase. (Hint: be careful not to position it in such a way as to highlight not-so-attractive features, such as a cluttered desk.) Especially if it has an ornate or decorative frame, the mirror can be a focal point in itself. This is why many homes have one above a dining room buffet or mantle. Highlight the mirror by adding a wall lighting fixture such as sconce.

  1. They Increase Space

Many of us have been in hotel rooms or restaurants with mirrors on their back wall. This creates the illusion that the space is double its actual size. The same strategy can be applied to smaller rooms in your home. When dealing with these smaller rooms, adding a custom wall mirror in just the right spot to reflect an open space adds a visual dimension.

  1. They Add Security

Strategically placing custom wall mirrors in your home or commercial property can offer added security. They allow you to keep an eye on different parts of your property such as doorways and walls, allowing you to see if there’s an intruder.

  1. They Reflect Extra Light

A properly placed mirror that reflects natural light reduces the need to turn on lights during the day and makes the space feel brighter, resulting in reduced utility bills. Mirrors that reflect the outside make a room appear more spacious and airy without having to spend big bucks on remodels. This can be especially useful for homes and commercial properties with small rooms.

  1. They Conceal Imperfections

If you have a wall with peeling or discoloured paint, or holes left behind from a painting, a custom wall mirror can cover up these problem areas. Have a large area that needs to be covered? Use an oversized mirror.

  1. They’re Practical

Of the various benefits that mirrors offer, their functional use – making sure you look presentable – is perhaps their greatest advantage. A custom mirror lets you do just that in style.

How to Create a Unique Wall Installation

Now that you know about their benefits, here’s what you need to do to create a custom mirror design that stands out.

  • Pick a Wall

Make sure the wall you choose is big enough to accommodate the piece. If you want to add more than one mirror, pay attention to what else is being reflected. Remember, it should be installed in a way to reflect something attractive, such as a piece of art or an ornate light fixture.

  • Decide the Size

Classic design principles state that a piece of art should be in proportion to the room in which it’s displayed. Choosing one that’s too big or small will make it look out of place and overpower the space. The same applies to wall mirrors.

There are many benefits to installing custom wall mirrors, whether the space is residential or commercial. This includes reducing utility bills and making rooms appear larger. If you’re looking for the perfect wall mirror, there are many options for you to choose from.