Custom Mirrors Toronto

Custom Mirrors TorontoIf you are planning to renovate your home, there’s hardly a match to custom mirrors. Over the past few years, glass and mirror have been extremely important in designing interiors of offices and homes. Lending an unusual elegance and class to the entire look of the space, they have often been an integral part of home and office decor. At Academy Glass, we design cut-to-size custom mirrors in Toronto that seek to transform the look and feel of a space almost instantly. Apart from jazzing up the residential and commercial spaces, these are highly functional in their own way. It makes light come inside, thus making the area look amazingly spacious.

At Academy Glass, we deal with a wide variety of glass that can be aptly customized according to your needs and desires. Our expert glass cutters can design a mirror according to your specifications and mount it on to the wall and cabinet. Be it your room or hallway or your newly renovated bathrooms, such mirrors can glam it up in a way you want. We are known for our expert handcrafted workmanship, fresh and innovative ideas and commitment to provide quality. Whether you are looking for brilliant cutting or hand beveling, we can do it all at fair price.

In addition to our cut-to-order services, you can also get in touch with us for installation, repair and replacement services for glass and mirror products in residential and commercial properties. We strive to offer you the good value for money. Quality at fair price is the staple to our success.

Our mirror cutting products and services are available for bathrooms and walls. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Bathroom Mirrors: Jazz up your bathroom with an added elegance, comfort and functionality with cut-to-order mirrors.
  • Wall Mirrors: Add an extra charm and elegance to the overall home décor with our wide range of customized mirrors.

We are committed to redefine the elegance of your home.

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