High-Quality Bathroom Mirrors in Toronto

Classic Bathroom Mirrors to Make a Style Statement

Does your bathroom look dull and cramped? Do you want to make it over without going through the trouble of a renovation? If so then mirrors are an excellent solution. Whether it’s a guest or master bathroom or a small half-bath, you can make it look airy and luxurious by using mirrors strategically. Even if you’re building a new home, custom mirrors will give your bathroom a sleek, modern look. At Academy Glass, we offer free onsite consultations with experienced estimators who help design the perfect mirror for the luxury bath or spa experience you desire.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant vanity mirror or regular bathroom mirror, we offer a range of options in various sizes and designs. Simply call us or email your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a detailed quote on the products and services you will need.

Types of Bathroom Mirrors We Offer


Vanity Mirrors

Vanity Mirrors

A vanity (or makeup) mirror is a small hinged mirror mounted on a pedestal that sits on the counter. It is usually double-sided, with a magnifying mirror on one side.


Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

Sliding mirror closet doors with metal accents add a touch of elegance to your otherwise boring bathroom. They perfectly combine beauty and functionality.


Mirror Walls

Mirror Walls

Mounted directly on the wall, mirror walls come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit your bathroom decor. While some are frameless, others have a frame to add a pop of colour and life.


Mirrored Backsplashes

Mirrored Backsplashes

Stylish and functional, mirrored backsplashes add light-reflecting surfaces to your bathroom, while protecting the walls from water damage. Available in many colours and patterns.

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    Why Choose Academy Glass?

    Academy Glass is a leading supplier and expert installer of custom bathroom mirrors in Toronto. Our business philosophy is built around quality products, efficient service and fair pricing. Our custom bathroom mirrors can be designed to complement any style of decor, including contemporary, traditional or transitional. Whether you need an oversized round mirror, a frameless wall mirror, a classic pivot mirror or a sliding mirror closet, we can help. Our technicians are some of the best in the industry and can help you conceptualize various mirror decorating ideas. They can even explain how to mix and match different types of mirrors to create a unique, gallery wall-style arrangement. All our products are manufactured using the highest quality materials and latest technologies for a perfect finish. With a clear focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, we have developed a new range of glass products to help minimize energy consumption.

    • 50 Years of Experience

    • High-Quality Products

    • Competitive Pricing

    • Professional Installation

    • Fully Bespoke Glass Design

    • Skilled Technicians

    Our Business Values

    Whether you’re upgrading your bathroom or building a new one, we appreciate your investment. That's why we’re serious about our products and services, and promise to look after your project from design through to installation. To ensure a smooth and flawless execution, we assign a dedicated mirror designer and technician to every single project. We always aim for 100% client satisfaction through a relentless focus on your objectives, which is what sets us apart from other glass companies.

    • Quality products and timeless designs combine to create a unique bathroom ambience.
    • Get prompt and efficient emergency glass repair services around the clock.
    • Our three-pronged business philosophy includes quality products, prompt service and competitive pricing.
    • Our glass products come in different price segments to suit every budget.
    • We are licensed, insured and bonded for your protection and peace of mind.

    5 Reasons Why Mirrors Are a Must-Have in Your Bathroom

    Although a common decor accessory, bathroom mirrors are often underestimated in terms of their value. They not only let you check your appearance, shave or apply makeup, but they also add style to the space. When chosen well and placed strategically, they can make an otherwise cramped bathroom look bright and spacious. Whether it’s a half-bath or master bathroom, mirrors can work wonders for the space. Each style of bathroom requires proper planning and a certain type of mirror. Depending on your bathroom's size and decor, you can choose both small and large mirrors to add light and dimension to the space. At Academy Glass, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs before providing a personalized design plan. Our technicians are thoroughly experienced and can advise you on the best and most suitable products. Here, we outline some of lesser-known benefits of bathroom mirrors.

    • 1

      They Create an Illusion
      of Space

      Placing mirrors opposite or next to a light source reflects light in a way that makes the bathroom appear brighter and more spacious. If you have a window in your bathroom, consider hanging the mirror on the opposite wall to create an illusion of space.

    • 2

      They Make a Style

      Beautiful, decorative mirrors add style to your bathroom. You can choose a large mirror with a simple frame or a small mirror with a colourful or ornate frame. No matter its size, make sure your mirror is unique and draws the eye to its details.

    • 3

      They Save on Energy

      Mirrors are a great way to add light without increasing energy costs. Reflected sunlight makes the area appear brighter and more visible, meaning you may not have to switch on lights during the day, which reduces your energy consumption.

    • 4

      They're Useful for

      Babies love faces and facial expressions, especially those of their parents and caregivers. Look into the bathroom mirror with your baby and respond to their babbling and giggles to improve their vocabulary.

    • 5

      They Hide

      If a bathroom wall has certain imperfections, like a hole, crack or discoloured paint, just hang a mirror to hide it. If you have multiple flaws on a large wall, use a large mirror.


    Have questions regarding our bathroom mirror installation services in Toronto? Find your answers below.

    What happens if my mirror arrives damaged?

    Replacement is free of cost, subject to certain conditions.

    Even with our exceptional packaging, it is always possible for a mirror to be damaged en route. In such exceptional cases, on receipt of the returned mirror, we may provide a replacement mirror at zero cost to our client. Certain terms and conditions are applicable.

    Do you install mirrors in hotels or commercial properties?

    Yes, we do.

    In addition to our services to homeowners, we also install, repair and replace glass and mirror products in hotels, showrooms and other commercial properties.

    Can you make a mirror to my specifications?

    Yes, we can.

    Be it your home or office, we can customize your bathroom mirrors to suit your needs and lifestyle. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide a no-obligation price quote.

    What about emergency mirror repair or replacement?

    We also provide emergency services.

    Our emergency services team will arrive as soon as is convenient for you after you make a request. We offer these services for residential, commercial and industrial clients.