Custom Shower Doors Toronto

Your shower is our business. For over 40 years we have been providing relaxing shower experiences to people all over Toronto and have gathered quite a bit of knowledge in this regard. For example, we know those 10 minutes you spend in the shower are priceless. So you want a safe enclosure where you can wash up before you start your day. Or that custom glass shower doors in Toronto can be installed in small spaces to provide a rich showering experience. Or the fact that a shower enclosure enhances the look of your bathroom and increases the value of your home in the real estate market.

Whether you have limited space or a sprawling shower area, a customized shower door and enclosure can add a lot of style to your bathroom. We offer various door styles like:

  • Sliding doors that slide along a track to open and close
  • Bi-fold doors that are dual-paneled single doors, fitted with hinges
  • Frameless doors that are custom cut to fit your shower space
  • French doors that open outwards from the shower stall
  • Pivot doors or swing doors that are single-hinged and can open inwards or outwards
  • Curved doors that are perfect for small enclosures as these add extra space

Your Safety Is Our First Concern

While showering behind a glass door is exotic and glamorous, there is some risk. Glass tends to break into shards and tiny pieces. But Academy Glass’s doors are produced according to the safety guidelines set up by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). Each of our architectural glass products is protected with heat tempering so as to safely break into tiny particles if and when the glass shatters.

We want our clients to be safe and enjoy the polished glazed shower doors we offer in various designs and textures. Also we offer products that are in line with the safety standards set down by the International Building Code, keeping your safety in mind.

Quality Glass Products Customized to Suit Your Space

Some bathrooms are big and some are small. Others have just enough space for a shower enclosure. But a cramped bathroom is no reason why you shouldn’t remodel and upgrade to a stylish shower stall.

We can fit a comfortable shower stall into a space as small as 32 square inches.

Our expert architects and designers will map out your bathroom area and help you install a luxurious shower with customized features to suit your taste and needs.

We use different glass thickness as per your requirement.

  • Heavy Glass (3/8 inch-1/2 inch) for Frameless Doors. Minimum Thickness
  • Thin Glass (3/16 inch-1/4 inch) for Semi-Frameless or Framed Doors

Why Custom Shower Doors?

With Academy Glass, you will find an exclusive range of frameless doors, cubicles, shower enclosures and many more high-quality glass products. Here’s why you should get custom shower enclosures:

  • Custom products lend a personal touch to your bathrooms.
  • Their sleek finish is extremely functional.
  • They come in an exotic range of clear, tinted, frosted and rain glass.
  • They are tailored to suit every lifestyle.

In addition to installation, we also provide maintenance and repair services in your home.

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