Cutting Edge Technology With Glass Cutting Toronto

June 30, 2012

Cutting Edge Technology

Technology is something that has a new face almost every day. In the modern era, it is something that keeps us going. Updates on technology and bytes on the best in the market usually make for interesting conversations. But now your conversations at parties and gatherings need not begin and end with gadgets. You can also talk about the latest and best glass cutting technology that we here at Academy Glass offer you.

Glass cutting is a fanciful affair here at Academy Glass. Yet, it is one that we take very seriously when it comes to overall tensile strength of the glass that is being handled, how much pressure to apply while cutting, which equipment and what width of equipment and saw to use, as well as the style that has been asked for. We use the best hands we can find to ensure that we provide you with fully accurate results and absolutely zero room for cracks during installation. With tints, textures and edging finishes in varying widths and at varying angles, we give you a product that will forever be proud of.

Our glass cutting involves mirrors as well as glass items like glass table tops. The very look of a glass table top speaks volumes of the decor tastes of the people inhabiting the space in question. Glass table tops are also available at Academy Glass, pre-cut and pre designed. With our range of designs and high quality in terms of trends and finishes, it is not surprising at all that our customers usually walk in and walk out with the glass table top of their dreams. The range here at Academy glass – whether ready to cut, or already cut and displayed – will leave you breathless. Let our floor assistants take you through the range and then help you pick out the appropriate piece depending on a requirement mapping technique that is unique to Academy Glass, where we find out your taste, space to be designed, and finally, the budget.

So walk into Academy Glass today for a tour that will most definitely be a ‘glass’ apart!

June 30, 2012

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