Differences between Custom Bathroom Wall Mirrors & Regular Ones

June 3rd, 2022

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Replacing your existing bathroom wall mirror is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to upgrade your space.

However, many homeowners make the mistake of using regular mirrors for their bathroom. Custom bathroom wall mirrors have advantages that make them the better choice.

In this post, we discuss the key differences between custom bathroom wall mirrors in Toronto and regular ones.

How Do Custom Bathroom Wall Mirrors Differ from Regular Ones?  

Here are the major differences between custom wall mirrors for bathrooms and conventional ones.

Structure of the Mirror 

Custom bathroom wall mirrors are available in three categories: mirrors with a medicine cabinet, those without a cabinet, and those with a shelf. A bathroom mirror with a cabinet stores small items like toothpaste, contact lenses, and pill bottles.

Size of the Mirror 

Bathroom wall mirrors are designed to match perfectly with the sink vanity. These sinks are either rectangular or square, and the mirrors too must be of a similar shape and proportional to be placed well above this sink.

Remember, you should never use an oversized mirror because it can make the whole space look awkward and busy. Also if your mirror is very small, then you need to go close to this mirror to view your reflection.

The Mirror Material

Custom wall mirrors are made from tempered glass but regular ones are made from ordinary glass. Tempered glass is designed keeping in mind safety and protection. Tempered glass is made from annealed through a thermal tempering procedure. In fact, the glass is kept on a roller table, taking it through a heater where it is heated at a very high temperature of 564 °C to nearly 620 °C. Then this glass undergoes a very high-pressure cooling process known as “quenching.”

During this quenching procedure, which continues for only a few seconds, high-pressure air blows up the glass surface from multiple nozzles in different positions. The quenching process helps to cool the outer surface of the glass more quickly than its center.

When this center of the glass cools off, it then pulls back from its outer surface. This causes the center to remain in tension while its outer surface goes into compression. This makes it stronger and more durable than ordinary glass. So, when this mirror undergoes extreme temperature changes or faces heavy force, it does not break into pointed shards like a standard mirror but into tiny rounded pieces to avoid injury.

Compared to bathroom mirrors, regular ones fog up quickly. Bathroom mirrors are exposed to high humidity levels which any regular mirror is unable to withstand. This may lead to mould buildup and the mirror’s backing breaking down.

What to Consider When Choosing Custom Bathroom Wall Mirrors 

When you are looking at buying a custom bathroom wall mirror, here are a few vital points to consider in order in order to make an informed purchase.

Consider Safety First

Always keep in mind that if a bathroom mirror made from regular glass breaks then it becomes a safety issue even when you have cleaned your floor immediately. There is a possibility that there may be two or three shards around. Therefore, using laminated or tempered bathroom mirror glass is vital because it may be broken into small pieces that won’t hurt you.

Think About the Purpose of the Mirror

Homeowners buy custom mirrors for many reasons. So, you must first decide for what purpose you want it. For example, you may place a big contemporary mirror to make a style statement, thus making it your bathroom’s focal point.

Or, maybe you use a mirror in order to make a tiny bathroom appear more spacious. As it reflects light, keeping it in a strategic position may help to increase your bathroom’s overall dimensions and give it an illusion of looking bigger. You may mount two wall mirrors to light up your bathroom and illuminate dull edges.

Consider the Moisture Level of Your Bathroom

It is vital that your custom bathroom wall mirror withstands moisture and humidity. So, using a wooden or metal frame is not a good idea because they are prone to rusting or warping. Similarly, a frameless mirror’s backing may also be broken eventually. So, your ideal choice is a bevelled-edged mirror because it is long-lasting.

Think About the Shape of the Mirror

A convex mirror bulges out, distorts your reflection, and makes it look smaller; a concave one makes your reflection look bigger. You can use these mirrors for plucking eyebrows, shaving, or for any task where you need to see things closely. Obviously, plain mirrors are your best choice because they produce your true reflection.

These are the key differences between custom bathroom wall mirrors and regular ones for your Toronto- area home. This also highlights the vital factors that you should consider when buying a custom bathroom mirror. Need assistance to repair wall mirrors in Toronto? Contact Academy Glass. We are a leading glass company in Toronto offering high-quality glass items and premium repair and installation services for over the last three decades.