7 Types of Glass for Shower Doors (Bathroom Design Ideas for 2020)

April 6th, 2020

A custom glass shower doors is a great way to keep your bathroom door dry and it’s more durable than traditional shower curtains. A well-maintained shower door can last for years.

The type of glass you choose for your shower door will be determined by your privacy needs, budget and preferences. If you know about the different types of glass and understand which best fits your requirements, you can choose the ideal one for your bathroom shower door.

To ensure you have all the information you need, we’ve prepared a list of shower door glass types. Now you can decide what’s best for your bathroom.

Types- Custom- Shower-Doors

What Are My Custom Shower Glass Options?

Before you start designing or customizing your shower area, let’s take a look at our options:/

  1. Clear Glass

Clear glass shower doors are transparent. They sometimes have a slightly greenish tint, but this colouration isn’t always noticeable. Since they are texture-less, they can be installed in any decor-style bathroom to give it a timeless appearance. Their simple look is what makes them popular among homeowners. Being see-through, they make small bathrooms appear larger and more open. As light in the bathroom easily passes into the shower area, it makes the space appear brighter.

  1. Opaque and Frosted Glass

Owing to their distinct textures, frosted and opaque glass shower doors are becoming popular. Their smooth and soft appearance provides more privacy than clear glass, and they can be purchased in a variety of colours and designs.

To create the frosted texture, manufacturers etch one side with sandblasting or acid. This prevents light from cleanly passing through. This type of glass is translucent, with one textured side and one etched one.

Additionally, the frosting keeps smudges and fingerprints from being as obvious as they would on a clear surface. However, cleaning this type of shower door can be difficult as soap scum can accumulate.

  1. Rain Glass

Similar to opaque and frosted glass, rain glass offers privacy and is great at hiding stains and fingerprints. It differs from its counterparts due to its eye-catching and decorative raindrop patterns. Since said patterns obscure visibility within your shower, they’re better suited to larger bathrooms. Rain glass allows some light to pass through while offering privacy for those who share their shower.

Again, like frosted glass, the pattern only appears on one side.

  1. Patterned Glass

Patterned glass shower doors come in a variety of design options and are a great way to update your bathroom without going overboard.

From flowers and plants to abstract designs, you can find something to suit your taste. Just remember to pick a neutral pattern so you aren’t stuck with a design that’s likely to go out of style. Be careful when choosing an etched pattern as it will most likely become the bathroom’s focal point. While they might work in larger bathrooms, patterned glass can make the space feel cramped in smaller ones.

Patterned glass is easy to clean, as it only needs to be wiped down to stay in good condition. Cleaning is important, however, as soap scum can lead to mould and mildew growth and make them look unkempt.

  1. Tinted Glass

In search of something contemporary? Tinted glass is the way to go.

These glass shower doors come in multiple colours, so you know you’ll find one to match your decor.

Like clear glass, tinted glass allows you to see through the material, but the tint reduces the amount of light that passes through. They offer a unique look to your bathroom and you don’t have to worry about the design looking dated in a few years.

Consider them useful if you have a simple shower area you want to keep out of view. Colours vary from light to dark, with darker shades offering better privacy.

  1. Hammered Glass

These doors are popular for their distinct dented appearance which resembles hammered metal. It’s a bold look that creates interesting visual effects when light passes through.

Although they only slightly obscure the glass, hammered glass shower doors don’t provide the same level of privacy as other glass types.

  1. Low-Iron Glass

As the name suggests, low-iron glass is manufactured with less iron content. This helps reduce the greenish tint that most glass doors have and results in a much clearer view. Popularly referred to as HD glass, it’s a great way to highlight your shower walls.

Also, since the glass isn’t tinted, your shower area will receive more light from that emanated by your light fixtures. In the absence of patterns, however, spots will be more visible and streaks more prominent.

Custom shower glass doors can completely transform your bathroom, whether you’re upgrading your existing shower space or designing a new one. Apart from adding value, it opens up the space and breathes new life into it. However, before making your choice, make sure your purchase fits your requirements and that of your home.