Different Types of Glass Doors and Their Features

April 3rd, 2019

A door is a passageway between two rooms. There are a lot of different materials that can be used to build a door to keep them sturdy and safe.  Glass doors are trending the most as they not only make your house look lavish and elegant, but also are customizable according to your tastes. This post talks about the different types of glass doors and their features.

What Are These Different Types of Glass Doors?

Glass doors are available in a varied range of styles that you can choose according to the space that you have and the room you want to set them up.

  • Single Hinged Doors

Features of Single Hinged DoorsThe most common yet underrated of them all, this type has a single hinge on one side and swings open from the other. Being extremely feasible in nature, this type can usually be found in all doors of the house in both framed and frameless variants.

  • French Doors: 

Features of French Doors

A pair of single hinged doors, these have a wider opening than a regular single gate and open away from each other. Conventionally a main door type, they are framed in PVC, fibreglass or aluminium. You can completely customize and make them frosted, coloured, or etched according to the privacy needs of your house. The grandeur of the design is bound to make the installation look dramatic and add ventilation by opening one side only.

  • Bi-Fold Doors: 

Features of Bi-Fold Doors

Made up of individually foldable door panels, these can be either framed or frameless according to your contemporary home interiors. They are made up of two or more hinged panels that are foldable along a sill track and can be pushed to one or both sides of the structural opening. This type is perfect for balconies and garden doors.

  • Pivot Doors: 

Features of Pivot Doors

With hinges present at the top and bottom, centre or off-centre point, the door can be opened both ways. Usually meant to connect both indoor and outdoor areas, it is useful when you would want to block a breeze. Generally bigger and heavier than the above-mentioned types, pivot doors bring an aesthetic appeal to the interiors.

  • Sliding Doors: 

Features of Sliding Doors

Different from all the others, sliding doors open sideways and not inwards or outwards. Such bypass doors are known to glide along a glass panel or framework of the house with their weight being fully supported by tracks. To keep up with the conventional appeal of the house, this type of door is best suited for open terraces, balconies and gardens.

  • Stacking Doors: 

Features of Stacking Doors

Very similar to sliding ones, they have two or more moving panels. Each of them slides behind one fixed panel or a structural element having an interlocking system that results in the slide. It can accommodate a larger opening than the sliding ones and suits garden areas for it doesn’t take much space.

From the above-mentioned variants you can now choose the glass door you think would suit your rooms and take the help of professionals to install them. These glass doors are sure to enhance the whole look and maximize space in your house.