Double Glaze Your Windows to Insulate Your Home during Winter

October 15, 2014

Windows to Insulate Your Home

When fall arrives, winter cannot be far away. Those cold months that stretch on forever and freeze everything in site are harsh to bear. With everything covered in snow outdoors, you’d want the interiors of your home to be warm and inviting, so you can get back to a warm hearth. Canadians in winter take all precautions to keep their homes warm – the logs will be burning in the fire place and the thermostats will be turned up. A very effective way of further insulating one’s home is double-glazing. It is when windows are fitted with a double glass panel with a small air space separating the two panels. Air fills up the small space between the two panels, which helps in trapping heat within the window frame.

Benefits of double glazing

Insulation: Double-glazing is an effective way to trap heat and warm your home in the winters. Many of our customers, who are redoing their homes just before winter, opt for this tried and tested method of insulation during the cold months. A convection heating system within the home works well with double glazed windows, with the loss of heat being reduced from near the ceiling.

Energy Saving: It also helps to reduce your energy bills in the winter months. Since the glass panels trap heat and keep the indoors warm, the heating systems have to work less to keep your home warm. This helps in reducing the pressure on the heat pump and keeps it from over working. It also ensures a long life of your heating system. The heat loss is reduced by almost 50% with double glazed windows.

Reduce Noise: Because of the double glass panels, the double glazed windows also reduce external noise and minimize it to a certain level. It ensures more peace and quiet in your home.

Cooler Summers: The same reason that the glass panes trap heat in winters is why you’ll experience cooler summers in your home. The entrapped air keeps the heat from being transmitted indoors and keeps your home cooler than other homes.

UV Damage Reduced: With the use of tinted glass available in our showroom in Markham, you can reduce the damage from UV rays of the sun. The double paneling softens the harshness of the sun and reduces the strength of the UV rays.

When redoing your home, consult with a professional glass installer to get experts views on the glass options that are perfect for your home. we have a team of experts who will be able to help you create the perfect indoors.

October 15, 2014

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