Emergency Glass Door Repair: How to Hire a Trusted Company

August 2nd, 2022

When you have a glass shower door – or any glass in need of repair – you need to call on someone whose services you can count on. And if this door breaks suddenly at odd hours, you will need the service urgently.

There are a number of glass repair companies in the GTA. But how do you pick the one that will provide high-quality service at affordable rates?

In this post, Toronto’s leading glass repair company discusses the key factors to remember when selecting the best emergency glass door repair company.

What to Consider When Hiring a Reliable Emergency Door Repair Company

Here are a few factors to consider when hiring a trusted company for emergency door repair.

  1. Check If They Are Available 24/7 

As a glass door can fail at any time, choose a company is available around the clock. An emergency glass door company may claim to 24/7 but fail to turn up, especially outside of 9-to-5 hours. So, choose one that is trustworthy and provides prompt and efficient emergency services when you need them.

  1. Check On Their Response Times 

Imagine what happens if your child playfully throws a ball at a glass shower door and breaks it on a holiday. Or if yours has begun to leak water.

Both are emergencies that demand an immediate response from your chosen glass door repair company. At Academy Glass, once your service is booked, our expert technicians will arrive soon after to help.

  1. Find Out Whether They Are Licensed 

Emergency glass door repair companies must be licensed, either by the city where they are located or the province. So, don’t be shy about asking to see their license. A trustworthy glass company will be eager to show it to potential customers.

  1. Check the Company’s Experience 

Make sure the company you choose has been around awhile. For example, residential glass repair services differ from commercial ones. If the company specializes in the latter while you want the former, look for the one that satisfies your requirement.

  1. Ask if the Company Has Insurance

The company you choose must be insured and bonded. This means if something goes wrong when they are working on site, you will be compensated.

  1. Find Out More About Their Knowledge

Besides experience, your emergency glass company should have thorough knowledge about the kind of glass that is best for your project. There are different types of glass, each with its benefits and drawbacks, so your company of choice should know which one to use.

  1. Ask About Their Employees 

You never want to hire a company only to find that their employees are not reliable or skilled. If their technicians are not properly assessed then they are not qualified to handle the task you need them to complete. Also, check that they have the training necessary to handle your work.

  1. Read Their Reviews

Obviously you want an emergency glass company with an excellent reputation. Make sure you read reviews posted on Google, Yelp, HomeStars, or other review platforms. In this way you may learn as much as possible about the company and know what kind of service to expect.

These are the key things that you must do when hiring a reliable emergency glass door repair company in Toronto. This may seem like a lot of work to choose the best one. But your efforts will pay off when you see how smoothly and quickly your work is completed. Do you want to hire a glass cutting service provider in Toronto? For all your glass solutions, including emergency repair, contact Academy Glass. We are the best service provider for your glass maintenance, repair, and installation solutions.