Everything You Need to Know About Sinks – Part Two!

August 25, 2015

In the second part of the series about bathroom sinks, we hope to enlighten our readers about the various types of sinks that are available. Sinks as we all know are perhaps the most important accessory of a bathroom and every bathroom is incomplete without one. With changing times and innovations in the home space, sinks have also undergone a sea wind change. There are several types and designs available to meet every kind of aesthetic as well as utilitarian need. Let us check out some of the more popular types.

• Pedestal sinks

As the name suggests, these sinks are installed on a single leg called a pedestal. These have always been a popular choice for home owners and are a great functional option for small bathrooms. They can be set up in spaces where there is not much need for storage. It also gives a very neat look because the drainage and plumbing pipes are all hidden behind the pedestal. These are mostly made of porcelain.

• Wall mounted sinks

These sinks are quite similar to the pedestal ones but are mounted on the wall with all the pipes being built into the wall or are exposed beneath the sink without a pedestal. They are either made of ceramic, porcelain or steel. Installing these sinks enable easy cleaning of the floor beneath. However, these need professionally perfect installations for fear of falling!

• Drop In sinks

These are perhaps the easiest to install. These can be set up by simply cutting a hole in the counter top and snugly fitting the sink into that hole. They rest on the counter top for support. These are good only if the counter top is big enough and has additional surface to spare for other toiletries.

• Vessel sinks

These are installed more for aesthetic appeal rather than anything else. These sit on the counter top with the entire sink being exposed on the counter. These come in various shapes, sizes, styles, finishes, etc. Their installation increases the height of the sink considerably and requires only tall faucets to avoid splashing of water. These are very trendy and may not continue being a popular choice once fashion trends change.

• Counter top sinks

These are quite similar to the vessel sinks but are only shorter in height with all the other advantages of vessel sinks. This is a good option for family bathrooms and the ones that are frequented by children for ease of accessibility.

• Vanity Tops

These are an extremely stylish and luxurious option for sinks. They are usually made of porcelain and the sink and counter top form a seamless single unit. On the flip side, even if a small crack appears or chips off minutely, the entire unit has to be replaced which can be a costly affair.

Now that you know what your options for bathroom sinks, decide what you exactly want and decide accordingly keeping in mind functional benefits as well as maintenance aspects.

August 25, 2015

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