A Fact-Filled Fly Sheet on Frameless Glass Enclosures

August 8, 2016

Contemporary home designing and renovation broadly makes use of glass for increased visual aura, virtual expansion of space, better illumination and enhanced durability. Glass is the best way out of using same old plastic curtains and wooden doors. Unlike plastic and wood, glass is resilient to moisture, which makes it commendable besides its inbuilt shine and class.

Oftentimes people scared of letting go of their small available bathroom space, prefer no enclosure at all. Moreover, hassles and investment of repairing a damaged glass panel upsets their zeal to endeavour lavish bath in shower walled with glass.

Frameless Glass Enclosure

The admirers of glass can actualize with Adam Ant’s, “I’m blind without my glasses.” Then why do they need to compromise with any other presence in their comfort of shower besides glass? They don’t. Frameless glass shower door with its all-glass elegance will satisfy your urge of having a pleasure-filled bath.

Varieties of Glass Enclosures in Frameless Manner

Simple glass shower: In case of simple frameless shower door comprised of two or three glass panels, the glass is generally thick and heavy to avoid any stance of breakage. One of the glass panels is set in the shower as the door. These panels can be tainted with color or treated to have texture, for more privacy.

Frameless Glass Enclosure

Sliding glass doors: Sliding glass panels as shower enclosure provides a break from the conventional inward-outward moving doors. The glass panels are fixed on sliding tracks with rollers, so that they can overlap each other to allow passage to the user. Generally, one panel remains fixed while the other slides.

Hinged frameless enclosure: Glass panel chosen as the door is mounted on wall or adjacent glass panel with hinge. Broadly, hinged doors allow the user to access the shower by either pushing the door inward or pulling it outward. But with double swing hinge, shower glass doors can be swung both inward and outward.

Bi-fold glass doors: Don’t you worry that restrained space of your washroom will mar your urge to install a frameless enclosing for your shower. The concept of cleaving a single glass panel into two settles your inadequate space issue. It is better to consult a professional, else you can do it yourself to verify there is sufficient space to open either fold of the panel chosen to be the accessing door.

Neo-angle shower enclosure: This type is composed of three glass panels and meant to fit at the corner area of the bathroom. Thus, it is another answer to the problem of small realm of bathroom. The panels at the sides, touching the walls are slanted or angled and the middle panel which is straight becomes the door.

Pivot frameless shower doors: It also applies the theory of swinging the shower door but without the presence of a hinge. Here the door is attached at the top and bottom to pivot either inward or outward or both. In any case, the user doesn’t need to close the door as the glass panel will swing back to its position, itself.

Glasses that will be used for doors are specifically treated with heat. In cases of accidents rather than forming fragments with sharp edges, the tempered glass breaks into tiny pieces for safety. With ease of maintenance, the clear, colored and textured glass shower doors are finest bathroom fittings to meet your conceived norms of privacy, quality and excellence.

August 8, 2016

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