Frameless Shower Doors for Extra Effect

October 15, 2012

Good morning great showers. Goodbye rush and fatigue. Why do we, here at Academy Glass recommend the frameless shower doors so highly? Well, that is because they may be just the thing to help you get in the mood every single morning: the mood to face the world, do your thing, and do it well. Don’t let your showers leave you tired with effort. Because that’s only the start of a long drawn day. So why is the shower so important? Here’s what we think:

  •  It is a ritual. This activity has evolved as a ritual and like many other such activities that one has to carry out at the beginning of the day, it has taken on the mantle of being a chore that one must zip through like all others. But this is where we get it wrong. This ritual is an activity that cleanses, washes away all the negativity and prepares us for the day in front of us. Therefore, it needs to be treated accordingly so that we can take maximum advantage of this activity to make the rest of the day fruitful and constructive, rather than diving into the day, already tired from the hurried effort we like to call a shower.
  • Sunshine and smiles. The best gift that you can give your shower time, besides our beautiful frameless shower doors, is probably the gift of sunshine. Ensure that your bathroom has that large window, or maybe even two, so that there is a good influx of sunlight into this room. This will energize you and even open your pores as you shower. If you cannot fit in a window, try mood lighting that changes with the changing time of the day. It will be a worthwhile investment!
  • The time spent in the shower is the time that your mind and body take to rejuvenate. This is the time when most of our thinking happens. We strategize and shift our thoughts around to envision what we would like to see in the future. Taking one day at a time becomes a matter of everyday living, yet the morning when you take a good shower, will actually make you feel like you are able to achieve more and put in more.

So say good morning to great showers with our frame-less shower doors!

October 15, 2012

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