Frameless Shower Doors in Toronto: Unhindered Luxury

November 7, 2012

Unhindered luxury happens to be one of our primary brand slogans nowadays. With our range of frameless shower doors, we have used this slogan to the fullest. Here’s why this is our brand slogan and a vital part of our brand identity:

–  Unhindered is the word: unhindered to us means that nothing stops your eye from traveling over the length and breadth of beauty; be it a view of a shower enclosure. We let your eye and imagination wander and give you a few precious moments with yourself and your thoughts as we do so.

–  The glass effect: the glass effect or the class effect is one where everything is in a transparent haze with beauty that is absolutely in your face. What enhances the beauty in front of you is a matter of the high quality glass that would be lining your windows and shower enclosures as you enjoy the luxury.

–  Indulgence: A shower is an ultimate luxury. It is said to have healing powers and can even turn your mood around. The sheer indulgence of the glass and frameless shower doors at Academy Glass have made us a big believer in everything that has to do with indulging the senses.

–  Luxury: Glass, mirror and other such products have always spelt luxury in capitals. To have an expansive bay of glass windows lining a terrace where you sit and practice breathing and meditative exercises at dawn, or the frameless shower doors where you drown out all the stress of the previous day: both equal luxury for us here at Academy Glass, which is why we believe in providing you with the very best products in all these categories.

–  Transparent beauty: To enjoy and enhance beauty is a matter of great vision. At Academy Glass, we put that very vision to good use with a range of luxurious designs that will lend transparency and yet somehow enhance your surroundings in the best possible way!

With Academy Glass, the frameless shower doors are one of the ways in which we propagate the notion of unhindered luxury in your everyday life! So come get a pair of doors for yourself today.

November 7, 2012

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