Frameless Shower Doors: Limitless Luxury

December 19, 2012

shower door

The shower is the place where you let all your worries go, and you get ready to dive straight into the new day. With our frameless shower doors, you now have one more reason to enjoy the shower. Academy Glass is proud to present a path breaking range of products that will help you look at showers in a whole new light.

It is true when they say that luxury is an expression of the self in terms of unhindered and unadulterated experiences. This is the core philosophy that we applied when we designed these frameless shower doors for bathrooms. These doors have been designed as cascading sheets that are not broken with hinges and frames. The invisible nature of these keeps construction solid and yet good looking.

The luxury of beauty with utility is something that drives all of us in this day and age. This is what we term as true luxury. With our frameless shower doors, it is possible to experience all this and much more. The time spent in the shower will become a matter of great enjoyment and it will actually evolve as a process that was designed to be since time immemorial: a luxurious experiences that replaces dead cells and makes way for new experiences and learning.

A bath has been an important feature of everyday lives since time immemorial. In ancient times, the drawing of a bath and soaking in one was considered as a ritual that would purify the soul. Various oils and other substances like rare sandalwood powder, lavender and other such things would be used in the course of this activity to make the experience all the more varied and enjoyable.

The modern day bath or shower is now viewed as something of a chore that needs to be gotten over with to start the day. Yet, the right start to the day is as crucial as the actual start itself. In keeping with this philosophy, we have designed these doors. It is not merely a matter of superb design, but also a matter of taking you back to the basics: one where the shower is an important experience with which one starts, and even ends the day.

December 19, 2012

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