Frameless Shower Doors in Toronto: A Wonder Structure

August 8, 2012

Shower Doors

With a new character in the starring role of all bathroom dramas, it will be a wonder if you feel like leaving your bathroom in a hurry. The frameless shower doors are here; all thanks to Academy Glass. A brand synonymous with all things to do with glass and mirror, have now brought you another reason to luxuriate during your shower. As if their shower enclosures and shower doors did not give you enough reason before, Academy Glass now brings you frameless shower doors.

So why are these shower doors so unique? What is so special about frameless shower doors, after all? Well, the answer lies in the details. Imagine having shower doors of beautiful glass expanses that visually melt into each other with a cutting edge technology that is yet to fully catch on? This fusing of glass comes without brackets or beading. The implication is clear: less scope for deposits and grime and absolutely no maintenance on that account.

That brings us to the style factor. These doors are high on style and have a look that says, “High Street” and bathroom couture all the way. With these frameless shower doors, you get a heady dose of high bathroom fashion every time you enter your bathroom. It will leave you smitten. In fact, we have had happier than happy customers who tell us that they stopped hitting the snooze button on their alarms every morning, just to spend a few extra minutes enclosed within these beyond beautiful doors. If that isn’t reason enough to get these doors fitted instantly in your shower enclosure: we don’t know what is!

These doors give you a taste of high class luxury and they also boast of technology at its very best. Safety is woven into each of our products and we personally install our products so as to stick to the highest standards for your safety and comfort. We value you and your property enough to promise you long lasting durability and even offer guarantees on our products. So walk in today to walk out with a set of what many of our customers term as “wonder doors”!

August 8, 2012

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