FRAMELESS Shower Doors Toronto: Seamless Match of Beauty and Brains

July 4th, 2012

Well, what can we say? We’ve done it again here at Academy Glass. We have found ourselves at the pioneering end of technology with just that right dose of wonderful looks. The frameless shower doors are here to prove this point and how.

Bathrooms across Toronto are getting a makeover of sorts. Imagine shower doors that melt into each other. No cumbersome looking angles, brackets or any other sort of equipment. It almost feels like a walk in the cloud to walk though these frameless shower doors. A walk that you will never want should end. As you drown your daily stress and get set for the new day in a wonder dousing of water and frothy soap, you will marvel at the beautiful, “almost not there” doors that make you feel like you are standing under a picturesque waterfall.

Imagine a beautifully tiled bath enclosure or space. The tiles can depict an entire view pieced together. Maybe a forest, hills or even anything that catches your fancy. And now imagine unobtrusive doors to give it that designer look. That is the sheer power of these frameless shower doors. They can make any bathroom come alive with the sheer clarity and the quality of glass. An added plus is the very concept that creates a soothing environment with nothing coming in between. Ah, the wonder of bath time.


With these doors, you can actually feel your bath becoming a wonderful journey towards pepping you for the day ahead or washing away the stress of the day that you have put behind you. The very idea of a bath being a hurried affair melts away behind these doors.

These frameless doors will give your bathroom a whole new lease of life. Further, it will help you de stress in a space that actually looks good. With these doors, the true essence of a bath comes through with crystal clear clarity and sees through goodness that does away with boundaries. So walk in today and walk out with a pair of doors that will give you Nirvana in ten minutes!