Frameless Wonders: Shower Doors That Could Go On and On

February 4, 2013

An expanse of glass, unhindered, unfettered by hinges or steel casts. An expanse that will tempt you to run your hands along the surface, as you reminisce and see yourself at the end of that superfluous waterfall, gurgling at you like a happy baby. An expanse that will make a willing child out of you as you blow bubbles onto the surface and finger write your name on the fog that builds all thanks to the refreshing shower within.

frameless shower door

That is the power, the beauty of the frameless shower doors . These doors will transport you to the land of beauty and fresh feeling goodness, and back to the daily grind of reality; one that you will now be better equipped to handle. We are talking about taking a shower behind our frameless shower doors.

With the help of these doors, you will come to see you bath time for what it really is: a time when you get to open your pores and lovingly tend to them as you prepare to march into the new day; a time when you soothe these very pores after a hectic day of living, and doing your life’s work as you prepare for a relaxing bed time ritual.

These doors are built on the latest technology, crafted using the best material and best hands in the business to ensure that quality, strength and durability are all met in one perfect shot. Thanks to the fact that there are no hinges, these doors are ultra-safe and make for fun showers for various members of the family. With it perfectly engineered details, the extra cleaning of nooks and corners in also avoided as this is one single sheet of glass that encloses your shower area.

We here at Academy Glass, believe that the bath area of your home must be one that spells luxury and acts like an invitation for your senses to indulge in more than just a daily activity; to help you indulge in what is really and truly important for the start of your well-being. Call us or visit us today to learn more about how we can enrich your life with our bath related products.

February 4, 2013

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