Glass and Mirror: An Epitome of Style

September 19th, 2012

Understated style and elegance is usually a reflection of a refined taste for all the good things in life. Yet, superfluous good looks also turn out to be decadent statements of the same. In keeping with such a premise, 30, St Mary Axe in London (UK) has been designed.

The glass and mirror elements are an intrinsic part of the design of this structure. The key to understanding this structure is to understand the very cut and placement of the glass and mirror tiles in and around the dome like structure. You may notice that we have used the work “dome like” rather than dome. This is due to the fact, that unlike its medieval definition, examples of which can be seen in various monuments and structures around the world, most notably at the Taj Mahal, this structure in London, does not have a typical dome that flares out onto a set of string pillars. The entire structure, rather than just the roof or ceiling, comes down in a tapered fashion at the top and the bottom, while the middle is flared.

Yet, the superfluous nature of this structure does not come out merely in shape. It comes out in the celebration of the shape. How does this happen, you may ask? Well, the structure famously known as “The Gherkin” and placed in the heart of the business center in London, is actually adored with rectangular tiles of mirror, much akin to the quality that can be found at Academy Glass. These tiles have not been placed in the conventional manner; they have, in fact, been placed in a diamond fashion that propels the eye upwards and makes the structure peer down at you. It gives accentuated height to the building, or at least an illusion of the same.

This structure is a celebration of the decadence of art and the light of nature that bounces off its gleaming exterior. With the mirror encased exterior, it is an enigma waiting to happen, and truly heralds the coming of urban times to the London business landscape. We, at Academy Glass, love to take inspiration from such gleaming masterpieces. Do call or visit to know more!